World's Fair Information Manual

Alaska, State of
Mr. Morris Ford, Director
Travel Division, Department of
__Economic Development & Planning
Post Office Box 2391
Juneau, Alaska
907 JU 65284
Mr. Jack Anderson
Director of Alaska Pavilion Concessions
Alaska Crafts & Culture Corp.
1016 E. Fourth Avenue
P.O. 3-098 E.C.B.
Anchorage, Alaska
Mr. Michael Pender
February 28, 1961
F. D. Rich
Stamford, Conn.
Block 41, Lot 4
State Area
32,277 sq. ft.
Olson and Sands
Post Office Box 2331
Juneau, Alaska
Mr. Gordon Mandeville
Mandeville and Burge
500 Union Street
Seattle 1, Washington
206 MU 2-1020
Mr. Walter Stengel
343 Manville Road
Pleasantville, New York
914 RO 9-54431

SOURCE: 1964 World's Fair Information Manual

The Alaska Pavilion is a white, igloo-shaped building. Three 30 foot totem poles, originally carved by Indians for the St. Louis Fair of 1904 are in front of the building.
The exhibits show Eskimo and Indian life, the Alaskan fishing industry and the state's booming development-especially a new coastal ferry system and plans for the largest dam in the free world. There is an exhibit by Alaskan artists, and wild life is represented by stuffed specimens of bears, a walrus head, a 74 pound salmon, plus moose, caribou and others.

In the igloo's second floor is a theatre with a 32 square foot topographical model of Alaska. During a narration, portions of the model light up, and the dome itself becomes a planetarium portraying the skies over Alaska from twilight to dawn. Slides depict the state's industries and people at work. The show ends with a colorful display of simulated northern lights (aurora borealis).

In the area behind the Pavilion, Indian and Eskimo dance groups perform and craftsmen carve in wood and whalebone. Some of these handiworks are for sale.

State of Alaska 

Source: NY World's Fair Publication For Those Who Produced the New York World's Fair 1964-1965

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