Monorail Maintenance Lift Mechanism used to raise and lower the cars for on-site repair work at the Fair.

Maintenance Lift Mechanism

Source: Presented courtesy Randly Lambertus Collection


WHAT'S A FAIR without rides? Pretty bad, you say, especially if you're a kid or a kid at heart. But this Fair is okay; there are plenty and one of the best is the Monorail. It affords riders a panoramic view of the Lake Amusement Area around which it loops. Built by American Machine & Foundry (AMF), Monorail has seven two-car trains operating on parallel loops slung 40 feet above the ground from single rails. Three trains travel in one direction and four in the other.

Monorail passes overhead
Car Interior
Train hostess at mike describes the sights for viewers aboard monorail. Each train can carry 80 passengers. Two of the underslung trains zip along their single rails hung from giant pylons. At left are dark panel on General Foods Arch displaying news and photos of the Fair and tail end of a down-to-earth Greyhound Glide-a-ride tractor train.
 Night Scene
Night monorail riders pass striped tent of Continental Circus as air-conditioned, automatically controlled train approaches its station in the heart of the Lake Amusement Area.

Source: News Colorfotos by Daniel Jacion, New York Sunday News, Date Unknown

Source: Presented courtesy Randly Lambertus Collection

The AMF Monorail Station (night view)
AMF Monorail Station & Florida Pavilion

The AMF Monorail Tote, a give-away item to Fair visitors. It measures approximately 18" high x 12" wide x 10" deep.
Tote Box

A monorail train enters the station
Monorail pulls into station

Four views of the AMF Monorail at the World's Fair. Overhead station is serviced by an escalator. The "T" shaped piers are dotted along the 4000 foot ride in the Fair's Amusement Area.

AMF Monorail cars at the station


AMF Monorail car coming forward


AMF Monorail cars passing overhead


AMF Monorail station at night

Source: Industrial Design, September 1964, © Copyright 1964, Witney Publications, Inc.


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