AMF jr. Monorail Toy

The AMF Monorail Jr. toy is not as well known to collectors as the US Rubber Ferris Wheel toy. A heavy cord cable with two hard plastic discs on either end is attached by each end to a firm support such as a chair leg, arm, or door knob. The battery operated monorail is suspended from the taunt cable. It travels along the cable until the long horizontal rod at the top of the toy monorail hits the hard disk at one end of the cable. The "impact" causes the rod to be pushed in the opposite direction which causes the gears in the car to switch directions. The car now travels in the opposite direction until it hits the hard disk at the opposite end of the cable. The impact reverses the direction and the car starts its journey back. And on and on until the batteries, the chair legs or the kid gives out.
Box cover for Aluminum metalized version of Monorail Jr.
The box cover
Monorail Jr. Box Cover
The instructions for operation

Monorail Jr. Instructions
The decals for the windows and the ticket, enclosed in the box, for one free monorail ride at the Fair!

Monorail Jr. Decals and Free Ticket to Ride
Wen-Mac continued to market the jr. Monorail in toylands after the Fair ended. This example shows the jr. Monorail in it's "generic" packaging.

jr. Monorail in generic packaging

Source: online Auction

Source: The Randy Lambertus Collection

Monorail jr. toy

The toy.

Monorail jr. toy

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