The Fate of Car #4

Source: Industrial Design, September 1964 issue, © Copyright 1964, Witney Publications, Inc.

 AMF Monorail Commercial Photo

A Gleaming Red and White Monorail Train passes overhead in this commercial photograph from the 1964/1965 New York World's Fair


The Space Age and Monorails. These words together paint a picture of the future in our minds. Yet, what happens when a Space Age idea doesn't quite catch on? Perhaps it can best be seen in the fate of Car #4.

Brian Goldman submitted the following pictures to They show AMF Monorail Car #4 as it appears today. It once travelled suspended over the New York World's Fair as a symbol of the promise of things to come.

Brian writes that a Mr. John Mecum acquired the cars following the close of the Fair and moved them to Houston with the intention of offering them for sale to the newly completed Houston Intercontinental Airport. That sale did not materialize.

Mr. Mecum had them set up at an old Navy Blimp base in Hitchcock, Texas and supposedly had one running with a turbine engine at over 100 mph. A few years ago they were in a pile along Highway 6 just outside of Hitchcock.

Car #4 is now located near Alvin, Texas. Brian reports there are "unconfirmed rumors" of five more in the area. The current owner of Car #4 plans to add helicopter blades and turning gear to it and will use it as a playhouse for his grandchildren.

Such is the fate of a relic of The Space Age.

Source: Thank You to Brian Goldman for submitting the story and photographs of Car #4
Source: The Randy Lambertus Collection

AMF Monorail Car #4 today
Close up of front of AMF Car #4
Close up of rear of AMF Car #4

Interior of AMF Car #4

Controls of AMF Car #4