Construction shot of Astral Fountain. (Courtesy of Craig Bavaro)
Source: New York World's Fair 1964-1965 Corporation Publicity Photo

Under Construction

The Astral Fountain in late afternoon sunlight (Courtesy of Bradd Schiffman)
Source: © 2001 Bradd Schiffman

A full view of the Astral Fountain with its central column of water (Courtesy of Ray Dashner)
Source: © 2001 Ray Dashner

Another full view of the Birdcage-like Structure (Courtesy of George Campbell)
Source: © 2007 George Campbell - All Rights Reserved

Astral Fountain

Source: Online Auction

The Astral Fountain before it was removed to make way for a skate park. (Courtesy of Bruce Mentone)
Source: © 2001 Bruce Mentone

Like its neighbor, the New York State Pavilion, broken concrete, decrepid structure and unfulfilled promises were all that remained after 35 years of neglect.