World's Fair Information Manual

Institute of Economic Development of
the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
Consul Manfred von Mautner Markhof
Austrian Commissioner for the New York World's Fair 1964-1965 Corp.
Hoher Markt 3
Vienna 1, Austria
Mr. Otto M. Spitz
The Austrian Trade Delegate in the United States
31 East 69 Street
New York 21, N. Y.
LE 5-3335
September 19, 1962
Block 23; Lot 22
International Area
17,683 sq. ft.
Mr. Gustav Pelchl
Opernring 4
Vienna 1, Austria
Pisani and Carlos
501 Fifth Avenue
New York 17, N. Y.
MU 7-5499
The Displayers, Inc.
635 West 54 Street
New York 19, N. Y.
PL 7-6500

SOURCE: 1964 World's Fair Information Manual

The Austrian Pavilion will be "A" shaped in design to symbolize Austria as a land of mountains and tourism; and will be constructed of wood to symbolize the richness of the timber and industry. The exterior decor will be predominantly the natural color of wood combined with red and white Eternit finish. Seats and exhibition items in a landscaped area will provide an attractive haven for visitors to rest. A modern sculpture will be featured outside the pavilion.

The pavilion, with a simple but effective interior, will be divided into three main sections; promotion of Austria, promotion of tourism, and promotion of economy. The exhibition hall will have hanging aluminum drums, groups of plastic domes containing display items and glass cases for the display of exhibits. The ceiling will have exposed beams and indirect illumination, while natural colored coconut mats will cover the floor.


Source: NY World's Fair Publication For Those Who Produced the New York World's Fair 1964-1965

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