this booklet is designed to
help the whole family get
more fun from its visit to
the New York World's Fair 

Touch-Tone calling

TOUCH-TONE PUSH-BUTTON CALLING is standard on all public telephones at the Fair. Touch-Tone lets you make calls easier and faster by pushing buttons. Be sure to share the fun at the Fair with the folks back home -- by Touch Tone.

 Serpentine Phone Booths

All the 1,400 public telephones are the modern TOUCH-TONE push button model, which make calling a faster, more conventional experience. Be sure to try this exciting new way of telephoning.

Bell System Log

see the
Bell System exhibit through time and
space as you participate in
the story of communications 
Thrill to the exciting story of communications. See how man has progressed from drums and smoke signals to space communications. Seated in comfortable chairs, you will glide past dramatic exhibits revealing how man's constant search for new ways to communicate has altered the complexion of our lives. See how this yearning to reach out has produced better communications which bind men closer together and hold out opportunities for better world understanding and peace.

Ride of Communication Artist's Rendering

...and don't miss the
many fascinating displays
on communications in
the Exhibit Hall 
Wonders abound everywhere in the enormous Exhibit Hall. You'll see displays of communications services -- present and future -- tailored to fill every imaginable need. You'll match wits with electronic "think" machines, participate in quizzes and other games and relax comfortably in charming surroundings. Below and on the following pages is a preview of some of the exhibits you'll enjoy.
Visible Speech

VISIBLE SPEECH -- This fascinating exhibit projects "pictures" of your voice on a television screen. Among other things, it shows that our voices are as distinctive as fingerprints. It can be used to teach the deaf to speak by imitating the patterns they see.


TELSTAR -- A full-scale Telstar satellite is displayed along with tracking map, showing typical orbital path of Telstar II. Monitor shows a video tape of the first voice and TV transmission via Telstar.


PICTUREPHONES -- One of the biggest hits at the Fair. Picturephone demonstration units let you see as well as talk with another person. Already operating commercially at Centers in New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C., these phones are similar to the ones you may some day have in your home.

 Tic-tac-toe Board

GAMES -- Have your age guessed, translate number to Roman numerals or play tic-tac-toe. Using principles of telephone switching, these logic and memory games are challenging and fun for the whole family.

 Bell Pavilion Artist's Rendering

Underseas Cable graphic

UNDERSEA CABLE ROUTES -- Learn how cables under the seas carry man's voice to the farthest reaches of the globe. See how "TASI" puts conversational pauses to work by feeding in other conversations with split-second accuracy without interrupting anyone.


VOCODER -- Watch this fascinating experimental machine sample your voice, take it "apart," put it back together again and play tricks with it.

Dataservice Machine

MACHINES TALK TO MACHINES -- Marvel at the great speed and distances over which machines can pass tremendous volumes of information to other machines. See how these machines are used in today's business world and the plans for their use in the future.

Future Uses of Telephone graphic

FUTURE USES of the telephone -- A narrated demonstration showing how electronic switching permits your telephone to "remember" everything from telephone numbers to where you'd like your calls routed when you go out. Animated display shows how you'll shop from home using the Touch-Tone telephone.

Torsional Wave Machine

TORSIONAL WAVE MACHINE -- dramatically demonstrates the behavior of waves and how they carry information, making the transmission of voice, music and television over great distances a present-day reality.

Disney Character graphic

PHONE-FUN FAIR -- New, colorfully canopied center where you can relax and have fun. Youngsters may call their favorite Walt Disney characters and hear messages from them. A voice Mirror lets you hear how you sound on the telephone. Weather-phones allow you to dial Weather Bureau information in selected cities. Quiz games, solar battery display -- and much more!

More than 90 leading organizations are represented in these three homes, all newly redecorated for '65 Fair-goers. In the $25,000 to $40,000 price range, they represent American home styles from the traditional to the ultra-modern. You'll find these homes equipped with up-to-the-minute telephone communications services providing conveniences for the family in work, rest and play areas.


You and your family can sit in a spacious, streamlined booth, air-conditioned for your comfort, and talk "hands-free" to the folks back home.

Family Phone Booth




 "How to get there" map

Source: Bell System promotional brochure


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