THE STRIKING THING about today's Scrapbook foto is the contrast between the Old-World Belgium Village and the web of up-to-the-minute superhighways bordering the fairgrounds. The village appears to have been picked up in Belgium and set down here intact - which is close to the truth. Inside is a glittering array of shops, artisans at work, exhibits, amusements and food-and-drink spots - including several large restaurants. And there's even one outside the walls (foreground).

Source: News Colorfoto by Daniel Jacino - New York Sunday News, August 22, 1965

Belgian Village

UNHURRIED SCENE in Belgian Village's Grande Place presents replica of city hall of Damme, Cafe de Belgique in front of it and chimes tower at left. After dark, it's a gay spot.

Source: News Colorfoto by Daniel Jacino - New York Sunday News, September 27, 1964

Street scene

WITH "OLD" HOUSES and narrow, cobbled streets, canals and bridges, alfresco stands and musicians, Belgian Village makes the visitor feel he's really in the old country. It's Rathskeller is the Fair's largest restaurant.

Source: News Colorfoto by Richard Lewis - New York Sunday News, June 6, 1965

Belgian Village scene

Aerial view from New York State Observation Tower of the Pavilion of Paris (left) Vatican Pavilion (center) and Belgian Village (behind). Photo courtesy of Joan Lyon.
Source: Photograph © Copyright 2000, Alfred Gedney
Belgian Village aerial picture
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