The Changing Face of Flushing Meadow Park, Autumn 1963

Autumn, 1963. Nearly all pavilions have broken ground and the final push is on to complete the Fair for Opening Day in just six short months. Pipes and fixtures for the Fountains of the Planets can now be seen in the Pool of Industry. Work continues to progress on the Van Wyck snaking around the Fairgrounds. More and more pavilions in the Industrial Area are enclosed. Numerous International Pavilions begin to take shape.
Industrial and International Areas

Unisphere nears completion. The "square doughnut" steel work of the Federal Pavilion can clearly be seen. The New York State Theaterama building begins to rise. The oval outline of the Vatican Pavilion is now visible and the Singer Bowl arena takes shape in the upper left corner of this photo. Work is in full swing in the Transportation Area of the Fair. Chrysler's Show-go-Round Theater is getting its roof. The triangular shaped Time and Temperature indicator atop the GM Pavilion's rotunda can be seen and construction is underway for the Hall of Science.
State & Federal and Transportation Areas

Lake Area
The Lake Area finally shows signs of major construction. The Music Hall and Hawaii Pavilions begin to take shape. Outlines of the foundation work for the Florida Pavilion are also noted. Across the Long Island Expressway from the Lake Area, the Kodak Pavilion's Picture Tower is in place (upper left-hand corner). Beneath Kodak, the star-shaped Christian Science pavilion is under construction.

SOURCE: New York World's Fair Progress Report No. 9, September 26, 1963

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