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Josef Seebacher was a tradesman, an iron worker in New York. He worked on the construction of very many well-known projects such as the GM Building, Gulf + Western Building, Throggs Neck Bridge and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. He also worked on building the New York State Pavilion for the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair. During his time there, Mr. Seebacher took a series of photographs of the Fair under construction. This is his gallery, a generous contribution to nywf64.com by his son, Karl Baker.

Josef Seebacher at work on the
World Trade Center
Josef Seebacher

View from the New York State Pavilion construction site
October, 1963

The leaves on the trees and the Helicopter approaching to land on the rooftop of the completed Port Authority Heliport indicate that these photos were probably taken from atop the New York State Pavilion construction site in October, 1963.
Transportation Area

Orbitals and continents were in place on Unisphere by Labor Day, 1963. Construction shows the steel skeletons of the light towers surrounding Unisphere. Federal Pavilion is roofed. Steel skeleton at right is Republic of China under construction.
Unisphere and Central Court

Industrial Area construction in full swing. Orange steelwork in the center of the photo is the House of Japan. Many smaller international pavilions are still nothing more than foundations.
Overlooking International and Industrial Areas

The Kodak Pavilion is the unmistakable landmark in this shot. The International Plaza and the peaked roof of the Hall of Free Enterprise show that construction is far along on those structures. The pointed roof of Edward Durel Stone's Christian Science Pavilion can be seen behind them.
View toward Kodak

A long view of the Central Court construction. In the lower left, the platforms of the New Jersey Pavilion are in place and the steel booms that would hold the pyramid rooftops are beginning to be put in place. It was these steel booms that collapsed during construction of the pavilion resulting in the deaths of three construction workers; the only fatalities recorded in the building of the Fair.


A view of the General Motors construction site.
General Motors

The Fair nears completion
Early Spring, 1964

The Lunar Fountain is completed. Steel framework of the Coca-Cola Carillon tower rises in the background.
Lunar Fountain

Construction sites of the Dynamic Maturity and Seven-up Pavilions. The wood exterior of the Venezuela Pavilion is to the right. Hong Kong Pavilion rises in the background.
Dynamic Maturity and 7-Up

Installation of the Carillon at the Coca-Cola Pavilion.

Workmen install the giant horses on the Gas Companies oversized "carousel."
Carousel at the Gas Exhibit

Hong Kong Pavilion readies for visitors.
Hong Kong

Putting the finishing touches on the Mormon Pavilion.
Mormon Church

Steel scaffold still surrounds the Thai Pavilion.

Federal Pavilion is fully enclosed and the decorative fiberglass curtains have been installed on the exterior of the pavilion.
Federal Pavilion

Site huts surround the Tower of the Four Winds at the Pepsi Pavilion. Completed phone booths can be seen at the left.
Pepsi's "Tower of the Four Winds"

With its buckets in place, the US Rubber Ferris Wheel waits for riders. Moon Dome of the Transportation and Travel Pavilion can be seen in the background.
US Rubber Ferris Wheel

Work progresses on the Republic of China Pavilion. Thatched roof of the Caribbean Pavilion is to its left. Light towers are completed and already providing nighttime lighting for Unisphere.
Republic of China

A completed Unisphere awes passerby. New England States and Federal Pavilion can be seen in the background.

Sinclair's Dinoland is ready for guests.


Tyrannosaurus Rex prepares for battle with Triceratops at Sinclair's Dinoland.

Triceratops & T-Rex at Dinoland

Dinoland's Brontosaurus peers down on the passing motorists along the Grand Central Parkway. The Fair was almost ready!

Dinoland's Brontosaurus

Source: All Photos presented courtesy Karl Baker collection and are © Copyright 2005 Karl Baker, All Rights Reserved

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