Miracle in the Meadow IV


The Sinclair Dinosaurs arrive at
Flushing Meadow!

Sinclair's Dinoland dinosaurs were constructed in upstate New York and floated by barge down the Hudson River to the Fair site. The nine dinosaurs on a floating barge caused a traffic jam as people stopped to watch the strange sight. After they arrived at the Fair's Marina, they were trucked to the Sinclair Pavilion site at Flushing Meadow. Josef Seebacher was on hand for their arrival and captured the moment on film.

T-Rex arrives in sections

Dinosaur peers at the photographer


Triceratops on a flatbed

Dinoland arrival



Construction and raising of the crown of the
New York State Pavilion

The "crown" of the New York State Pavilion is the massive oval steel structure attached to the tops of the concrete columns that holds the support cables and multi-colored, suspended roof of the "Tent of Tomorrow." Josef Seebacher captured the crown's construction and raising on film in the following shots.

Workmen ready to put the last section of steel in place for the crown.

Cranes set the final section in place.
NY State construction

Oval-shaped pieces of the center ring of the roof structure are complete and ready for installation.
NY State construction

Threading the roof support cables into the central hub.
NY State construction

Steel girders support the central section above the ground as the cables are threaded in place.
NY State construction

Capping the central hub.
NY State construction

Aerial view of the same.
NY State construction

Workmen install the large drainage pipes which would bleed rainwater off the huge roof and funnel it down the interior of the concrete support columns.
NY State construction

Ground work is nearly completed on the crown.
NY State construction

What amazing engineering! This huge steel structure would be raised to the top of New York State's mighty columns.
NY State construction

Raising the roof! The structure has been lifted from its supporting girders. Steel tracks can be seen along the inside of the white concrete columns. The roof was raised to the top on these tracks.
NY State construction

Half-way to the top.
NY State construction

With the crown in place, workmen begin installing the multi-colored panels in the suspended roof of the "Tent of Tomorrow."
NY State construction

Scaffolding still surrounds the Theaterama building of the New York State Pavilion in Mr. Seebacher's final photo of the building he helped to build.
NY State construction

Source: All Photos presented courtesy Karl Baker collection and are © Copyright 2005 Karl Baker, All Rights Reserved

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