Bill Cotter Gallery

Bill Cotter, World's Fair enthusiast, has been collecting images of the 1964/1965 New York World's Fair for many years. He shares with us here some excellent views of autofare. If you would like to see more images of Bill's fabulous collection of World's Fair images, visit his website

SOURCE: Above photos presented courtesy Bill Cotter Collection and are © Copyright 2007 Bill Cotter, All Rights Reserved

Islands Scene 1

The Chrysler autofare Islands as seen from the top of the Heliport.

Islands Scene 2

 Islands Scene 3

Source: Official World's Fair transparencies by Pana-Vue

Entrance Day

Above: Entrance to autofare Islands. Below: Night view of the entrance portal.

Entrance Night

Giant Car

Above: The Giant Car. Below: Oversized license plate makes a perfect photo opportunity!

Giant License Plate

Front of Car - Night

The Giant Car illuminated at night with a front and back view of the car.

Back of Car - Night

Cars & Spraying Fountains

New Chrysler automobiles displayed in a spray of fountains.

Car, Fountains & Rocket


Day and night views of Chrysler's Giant Rocket

Rocket - Night

Pentastar Theater

 Singing Oilcan

Shots from the Show-Go-Round ... Top: The Pentastar Theatre where Show-Go-Round is performed Above: The Singing Oil Can. Below: The Sprock-ettes.

Dancing Sprockets
 Below: Finale of Show-Go-Round featuring Chrysler's experimental Turbine Car.

 Experimental Car

First Chrysler Car

Above: Chrysler's first automobile is backed by the 10 Diversified Products Showmen. Below: The Showmen illumniated at night.

10 Diversified Product Showmen

Turbine Car

Above: Chrysler's experimental Turbine Car on a test drive around the Islands. Below: Hood is up to allow viewing of the turbine engine in the experimental car.

Turbine Car

Parts Gazeebo

Above: Flags of many nations with Chrysler operations in the moat surrounding the Islands. The Autoparts Gazeebo rises in the background. Below: Giant Zookeeper stands watch over the "animals" in the autofare "zoo."


Autoparts Animals

autofare's whimsical zoo creatures.

Autoparts Animals

Assembly Line

The ride-through assembly line.

Car on Assembly Line

Giant Engine

autofare's Giant Engine front and back, day and night.

Giant Engine - Night

Transportation Area - Day

autofare day and night as seen from the observation tower of the New York State Pavilion. Pentastar Theatre is at the center of each photograph.

Transportation Area - Night


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