Article: The Chrysler Show-Go-Around


. . . films, marionettes and a marvelous car take turns on revolving stage

Introducing scene for Chrysler's Show-Go-Round as m.c. introduces one of "stars," a "carburetor" puppet.
MC Introduces "Carby"

The Six-Acre Chrysler Corporation exhibit area on Flushing Meadow is dominated by a giant engine model which typifies this "Autofare" with its landscaped islands of displays and mockups. But the focal center is the "Pentastar-roofed" theater in which a Max Liebman Show-Go-Round production is presented on a 70-foot revolving stage serving four pentagon-shaped auditoriums housing some 2,500 persons in their comfortable bucket-shaped seats.
Sketch shows 70-foot revolving stage which serves four pentagon-shaped theaters for the Chrysler Show-Go-Round.

Show-go-Round Layout

Through this unique design, a four-phased performance is in continuous action offering a 24-minute interlude of music and whimsy, featuring a film story (introduced on the screen by Bob Hope); the Bil Baird marionettes and a finale in which a Chrysler experimental car (designed by the puppets) closes the entertainment.

In the introductory, first phase of the show, the master-of-ceremonies talks to puppet hero "Bob Bolt" against a backdrop of automotive parts. As the stage revolves to a big-screen rear-projection setup, Hope (on film) introduces the rest of the little film play about an eager auto designer which starts out on the screen. This Group Productions' film is followed by Phase Three.

In this phase, the marionette creations of Bil and Cora Baird take over the action. Singing and dancing gaskets, dancing spark plugs, animated carburetors and jiving seat belts perform under the skillful hands of four rotating crews of five puppeteers each. The villain, "Monkey Wrench," gives way to a dancing line of 15 girl motor blocks as the stage turns to Phase Four, the big finale . . .

Source: BUSINESS SCREEN MAGAZINE Presented courtesy Eric Paddon Collection

Before the final curtain falls, a completely-assembled puppet-built "experimental car" appears on stage, designed by the young genius with the help of his friends.

Max Liebman's talent, the genius of the Bairds, air-conditioned comfort and the attention-holding film and "live" segments on the revolving stage add up to full houses for these Show-Go-Round performances. In this show, film is the time-compressing link which sets the stage and story line.

Typical audience gathers for the introductory scene. Then stage will revolve to film show, marionettes and the "live" car finale.


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