World's Fair Information Manual

The Chunky Corporation
Mr. J. R. Kirk, Exhibit Manager
The Chunky Corporation
655 Dean Street
Brooklyn 38, New York
ST 9-6300
Mr. Gil Coburn
J. Walter Thompson Company
420 Lexington Avenue
New York 17, New york
MU 6-7000
Miss Phyllis Adams
August 22, 1963
Block 11; Lot 18
Industrial Area
14,745 sq. ft.
Mr. Robert Caigan
400 East 59th Street
New York 22, New york
PL 9-2255
Chunky Corporation

SOURCE: 1964 World's Fair Information Manual

The Chunky exhibit consists of a unique outdoor sculpture "Continuum" together with an ultra-modern candy bar factory.

Particularly appealing to children, the Continuum playground consists of thirteen seemingly unrelated pieces of various sizes and shapes. The unique thing about these pieces is that when the fair visitor looks through the eye-level apertures in the sculpture, two or more of the abstract forms line up to become whole units, such as a man standing on his head, a giraffe, an elephant. The pieces range in size from two to fourteen feet high, and were carved from large plastic blocks which were coated with polished fiberglass.

Candy Factory: Specially built for the Fair, the candy factory is comnposed of twin, glass-walled, air-conditioned units connected by the first outdoor cooling tunnel ever made. This ingenious tunnel is transparent so that the visitor may watch the daily production of thousands of Old Nick candy bars. At one end of the line, candy bar centers are fed onto the conveyor belt, pass through a cascade of milk chocolate and emerge at the other end, wrapped, packaged and ready for distribution to the New York area stores the next day.

There is a sales area where candy bars may be puchased for on-the-spot refreshment or as gifts to take or send to family and friends. There is an Official Candy Taster program wherein children may be appointed to this office to receive candy at certain times during the year.

Chunky Candy Pavilion

Source: NY World's Fair Publication For Those Who Built the Fair

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