Good Afternoon Ladies...

SOURCE: Photos and Text: NBC News, Worlds' Fair Diary with Edwin Newman, Broadcast July 30, 1964

Pavilion barker
... We'd like to welcome you to our Clairol Color Carousel. Please see yourself in the hair color bubbles out in front. See yourself as a blonde, brunette or red head.
In line for the Carousel
If you'd like to come in afterwards; come take the ride around the Carousel. It's designed for women over sixteen years of age. You can take the ride around, relax, listen to a musical hair-coloring introduction sung by Johnny Desmond.
Waiting to ride the Carousel
Afterward, if you'd like to have consultation, stop at the desk and tell the consultant there how you'd like to change your hair color. If you'll just step right up here to the left. Come into the pavilion please."

Johnny Desmond sings...
Johnny Desmond
When we dream by day,
or when we dream by night,
they say we dream in black and white
and what could be duller?

Aboard the Carousel

No color? No color!
Me, I like to think that I can choose my dreams.
So from now on I'll refuse my dreams unless they're in color.
Booth in the Carousel
    Great. Cool.
    Bright. Wild color!  

Aboard the Carousel

"My feet are what's on my mind. Any place that lets you sit down at the Fair looks attractive to me!"

Pavilion-goer on the Carousel

SOURCE: National Advertisement

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©Clairol Inc.1964

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