Those Amazing Bubbles

SOURCE: Photo: The Saturday Evening Post, Issue No. 20, May 23, 1964 - Photograph by John Zimmerman

Visitors to Clairol exhibit see themselves in Technicolor by peering into gadgets that use mirrors and pictures to show how they'd look in a variety of hairstyles and hues. Inside pavilion -- which is off-limits to men -- women ride a carousel and receive analyses of proper hair-coloring worked up for them by a computer.
Peering into Bubbles

Take a Peek Inside

SOURCE: Photos: NBC News, Worlds' Fair Diary with Edwin Newman, Broadcast July 30, 1964

See Yourself...
Has there been anything like it at a World's Fair before or since? "See Yourself... in a New Haircolor."
Women and Bubbles
A row of large white bubbles are located at the front of the Carousel. These ingenious adjustable devices let you see what you'd look like in a different hairstyle and color!
Face cutout
Simply place your face into the cutout provided...
A Honey Blonde!
... and see a mirrored reflection of yourself as a honey blonde!

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