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Source: Rudder & Finn Press Release


    Jerry Halprin
    130 East 59th Street
    New York, New York 10022
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    NEW YORK CITY, March 4 [, 1966] -- New Yorkers had a "last look" today at one of the great hits of the recent World's Fair before it left on a tour of the U.S.
    The Clairol Color Carousel -- a mobile version of the successful Clairol Fair Pavilion -- was on exhibition in the parking lot of Leone's Restaurant just off Times Square on 48th Street.
    The Carousel, transported on two great vans, arrived at the parking lot at 1 a.m. for assembly. By dawn, the crew had it connected, unfolded, lighted and ready for visitors.
    A total of 60 carpenters, body truck men, hydraulic engineers, metal workers, scenic artists and air conditioning experts have been working for the past three months at the Feller Scenery Studio in the Bronx creating the mobile Carousel.
    However, when the Carousel arrives at each of its shopping center stops across the country, it will take four men about five hours to assemble the unique exhibition.
    New Yorkers will have one more opportunity to visit the popular Clairol Carousel at the Garden State Plaza Shopping Center, Paramus, N.J., May 4 to 7.
    Clairol executives, including Bruce S. Gelb, President, expressed great satisfaction at the conversion of the Fair Pavilion into a mobile exhibition.
    "Our personal consultations with more than 2,00,000 women visitors at the Clairol Pavilion at the Fair told us that this is a beauty experience all women will enjoy and value," Mr. Gelb stated. "That's why we decided to take the Carousel to those women who did not have the opportunity to visit the Pavilion at the New York Fair -- and those who want to enjoy it again. Now that we've seen the mobile Carousel in its completed form, we're more certain than ever that this will be one of the greatest beauty services ever offered to the American woman," said Mr. Gelb.
    Scheduled for 19 major shopping centers in the next nine months, the Carousel is planned to be one of the most important promotions ever created for America's shopping centers. Local fashion shows, beauty presentations and other events will be part of the excitement centered around the Carousel in each of the 19 cities it will visit. The Carousel will remain 10 days at each center, with the exception of Garden State Plaza, where a shorter stay has been arranged.
    The uniquely designed Carousel utilizes two large van trucks whose sides are technically constructed so that they can be lowered and joined into one 32 ft. x 32 ft. exhibition area resembling the Clairol Carousel building at the Fair.
    Forty-five hundred women will be able to go through the Carousel each day, view a new motion picture describing the total natural look of beauty, and receive free personalized beauty consultations.
    The Carousel is staffed by a troupe of Clairol Color Consultants -- 14 blondes, brunettes and redheads, specially trained in cosmetics and haircolor. Dramatizing a new decorative trend in uniform dress for females, the consultants wear ensembles in exotic "tropical island" colors, created to harmonize with the Carousel itself.
    As was the case at the World's Fair, admission to the Carousel will be "for women only," and will be free.
    Following the preview in mid-town New York City this afternoon, the Carousel departed for its first shopping center opening -- the two vans taking to the road toward the 163rd Street Shopping Center in Miami Beach, and the 14 Color Consultants departing by air. The Carousel opens in Miami on March 10.
    Other cities included in the tour are Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Paramus, Boston, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas and Houston.
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The Colorful Caravan sets-up at the

first Shopping Center, 163rd St., Miami

Shopping Center Sign
Set up
Waiting in Line
Set up
Set up
Entering the Carousel

Source: Rudder & Finn Press Release

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    S H E E T
    The Carousel is a mobile version of the Clairol pavilion at the recent New York World's Fair. It was uniquely designed to utilize two large van trucks whose sides are technically constructed so that they can be lowered and joined into one 32 ft. x 32 ft. exhibition area resembling the Clairol building at the Fair.
    During 1966 the Carousel will travel to 19 shopping centers in major cities from coast to coast. The building will be set up in either the center parking lot or shopping mall. This is the first shopping center promotion of its kind to be projected on a national basis.
    As was the case at the World's Fair, admission to the Carousel will be restricted to women, and will be free. Forty-five hundred women will be able to go through the Carousel daily. More than two million women visited the Carousel during the two Fair seasons, and an additional million are expected to see it in 1966.
    Women will see a new 3 1/2 minute film highlighting dramatic changes in appearance of four women who received beauty consultations at the Clairol World's Fair pavilion. Personalized beauty consultations also will be offered to the 4500 daily visitors to the Carousel, by a staff of trained color consultants. They will be able to see themselves as blondes, brunettes and redheads, by peering into the Clairol Hair Color Pre-Vuers, which contain Fashion Tress wigs in different colors and styles.
    Stores in each shopping center will provide fashions, in cooperation with the National Cotton Council, for fashion shows to be held on a stage outside the Carousel. There will be separate fashion shows for teen-agers and adults, all based on the theme of the natural look of beauty. Many stores will additionally hold their own fashion promotions keyed to the Carousel visit.
    A number of events will be held, many of which will feature hairdressers offering hairstyling presentations. The Carousel's color consultants also will give lectures and consultations to civic groups, women's clubs and organizations prior to and during the ten-day run in each city.
    The Carousel was designed for Clairol by William Cecil. David Mintz was Technical Consultant. Scenic Design Studios built and designed the trucks and display.
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    Jerry Halprin
    130 East 59th Street
    New York, New York 10022
    PLaza 9-1800
    March 4, 1966

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Source: All (except as noted), Public Relations Booklet Clairol Color Carousel ... beauty on wheels, Gregory Dawson, Inc.

Miami women responded by visiting the Carousel
Up to 4,000 personal beauty consultations were given daily

First, they saw a three minute film that told them how the proper use of make-up and hair coloring had changed four other women's lives and suggested what a difference it could make in their own.

Viewing Clairol Film

Next, they were greeted by a Clairol Color Consultant who identified their present hair color from one of the six basic Clairol colors. She also gave them a chart for their make-up analysis and a copy of the Carousel Magazine on Beauty Care.

Identifying Present Hair Color

Then, they had an opportunity to look into the Clairol Hair Color Pre-Vuers to see how they would look as a blonde, brunette or redhead. Their own faces were reflected and framed by wigs for the most lifelike picture.

Clairol Hair Color Pre-Vuers

A Clairol hair Coloring Consultant then talked with them and if they were interested, advised them about a new hair color. She also advised them on any hair coloring problems they might have had and discussed hair care.

Advice on New Hair Color

Finally, a Clairol Cosmetics Consultant filled in their make-up chart and recommended color-keyed cosmetics to go with either their present -- or new -- hair color to give them the most natural look.

Charting Make-up

A typical carousel visitor, Mrs. S. Brookmeyer of North Miami Beach, commented on how pleased she was after the visit. "I've always used Clairol hair products but now I see how cosmetics can be color keyed to my hair."

Mrs. S. Bookmeyer

A large percent of the women who visited the Carousel went directly to one of the 163rd Street stores to purchase the hair-care items and the cosmetics recommended to compliment their skin tone and hair coloring.

Purchasing Cosmetics

The stores all reported greatly increased traffic and sales not only in their cosmetic departments, but in their entire stores. One department store sold out of a number of Clairol products within three hours of the Carousel opening. All of them had to reorder.

Purchasing Cosmetics