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play your own beauty game at the 
You must have this card to get your personalized
beauty scheme
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Watch your step getting off ...


NOW ENTER THE HAIR AND SKIN TONE IDENTIFICATION SECTION. At one of the three booths our color experts will record, on the back of this card, your present hair color and skin tone -- the first step in your personalized cosmetic analysis.   STOP UNDER THE STRIPED AWNINGS FOR YOUR PERSONALIZED HAIRCOLOR CONSULTATION. Our color experts will help you decide the right kind of haircoloring, then give you a personalized formula to take to your hairdresser. Now to complete the beautiful picture of you, step up to the ...
WALK INTO THE HAIR COLOR SECTION. Peek into the Clairol Hair Color Pre-Vuers and see yourself as a blonde, brunette or redhead. Enjoy the exhibit -- "Art and Beauty in America" featuring the "Cosmetology Hall of Fame".   COSMETIC KIOSK FOR A PERSONALIZED MAKE-UP ANALYSIS Where beauty consultants will give you a complete make-up scheme "keyed to your hair color." And, if you like, walk over to the cosmetic store and purchase a personalized Clairol Cosmetic Souvenir.


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