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"World of Refreshment"  
Within The Coca-Cola Company Pavilion you will enjoy the refreshment and excitement of far-away places as you join us for a free trip through the unique re-creations of five exotic locales. Special devices stimulate the senses to give you an amazingly realistic
Global Holiday

experience. Your first stop is the bustling city of Hong Kong. Here among oriental shops, junks and sampans, your ears capture the clatter of rickshaws on cobblestone streets and the tinkle of Chinese music.

There is a complete change of mood on your next stop, which finds you in a serene Victorian garden with a majestic view of the awe-inspiring Taj Mahal. Steps later your are in a Bavarian ski lodge high on a mountain top. You see the snow-capped Alps with skiers speeding down the treacherous slopes. The sounds of music and a crackling fire add to the atmosphere of fun and friendship.

From snowy Alpine peaks you walk into a fragrant, cool and refreshing tropical forest near an ancient temple of Angkor Wat. Here only the call of birds and the chatter of monkeys break the mysterious stillness of the forest. Soon it is night and you are on the promenade deck of a cruise ship riding at anchor off the coast of Rio de Janerio. Across the water twinkle the lights of famous Copacabana beach. Here, as Latin music steals softly from the ship's lounge, you conclude your memorable and realistic Global Holiday.

    American Radio Relay League
    The Coca-Cola Company Pavilion houses the finest facility ever built for amateur radio communications. This special three-position sending and receiving station will be sponsored by the famous American Radio Relay League and operated by the Hudson Amateur Radio Council. You will be able to see and hear these amateur operators -- popularly called Hams -- communicating from the Fair with their counterparts around the world.

    If you happen to be a licensed Ham yourself (and some 250,000 Americans are), just present your credentials and you will be entitled to transmit from the studio.

    USO Logo

    The USO Lounge at the World's Fair is also located in the Coca-Cola Company Pavilion to accommodate Fair-going American and Allied Service personnel and their dependents.

    Among its features is a direct tie-line to the USO Times Square Center so that service personnel will receive the total services now available through USO of New York City.

    These services include tickets, entertainment, tours, accommodation services, housing placement, counseling, guidance and referrals.

Tower of Music


Focal point of the pavilion is The Coca-Cola Tower that stretches 120 feet into the sky.

In a glass enclosed area at its base is the tremendous console that brings to life the 610 electronic bells of the world's largest and finest carillon.

At intervals throughout the day, Fairgoers will thrill to the musical voice of the carillon as it adds a new dimension to the festive atmosphere. Visitors to The Coca-Cola Company Pavilion can witness the skilled artistry of world-famous carilloneurs as they perform at the console.

This unique musical system -- made possible by modern advances in electronics -- combines an unprecedented variety of bells into a single instrument. The carillon comprises 61 notes in chromatic range of each of the following type bells: Flemish, Harp, Celesta, Quadra, Minor Tierce, Campana, Aeolian, Bourdon, Celestial and Baroque.




The entire carillon system was designed and built for The Coca-Company by Schulmerich Carillons, Inc. of Sellersville, Pennsylvania.

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