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The Coca-Cola Company
Atlanta 1, Georgia
Thomas J. Deegan Company, Inc.
Time and Life Building
Rockefeller Center - NYC -20
PL7-7070 (Dick McCabe)

The Coca-Cola Company Pavilion at the 1964-65 New York World's Fair is expected to be one of the most dramatic exhibits in the exposition. Featured will be a 120-foot tower rising from the graceful center court of the pavilion, housing the world's biggest and finest electronic carillon.

Fair visitors will also be able to make a free 17-minute tour of the world in the "Global Holiday" attraction which features "experience areas" in which the visitor will be transported by visual devices, sounds, temperature and smells to six world-famous locations. These locations include the oriental city of Hong Kong; the serenity of the Taj Mahal in India; a cold and frosty Bavarian ski lodge; a refreshing and fragrant tropical forest featuring the ancient temple of Angkor Wat, the promenade deck of a cruise ship off the coast of the famous CopaCabana Beach of Rio de Janeiro and the exciting Mardi Gras carnival of New Orleans.

The Coca-Cola Company Pavilion will also include a radio communication facility manned by amateur radio operators of the Hudson Amateur Radio Council, in cooperation with the American Radio Relay League. In effect, this radio facility becomes the voice of the World's Fair to the world via shortwaves. Servicemen from all over the world are expected to visit the USO Lounge, also a part of The Coca-Cola Company Fair Pavilion.

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Thomas J. Deegan Company, Inc.
Time and Life Building
Rockefeller Center - NYC -20
PL7-7070 (Dick McCabe)

The first stop on the Global Holiday by The Coca-Cola Company at the New York World's Fair is the exotic, bustling, oriental city of Hong Kong that is nestled against the hills of Victoria. A visitor to this exotic city will have the total experience of being there, surrounded by the Chinese shops along the streets that bristle with color, and object d'art of the area. He will see exciting vistas up side streets and down a long street to Fragrant Harbor, the harbor of Hong Kong, and across to the City of Kowloon, and further on to the very border of China. Sampans and junks will be bobbing in the harbor; the visitor will be caught up in the whirl of Chinese humanity.....the sound of people mingling with the sounds of wind bells, the clatter of rickshaws on cobblestone streets, the tinkle of Chinese music as it comes from the shops along the way.



From the jumble of feverish activity in Hong Kong, the visitor will suddenly find himself in the serenity of a Victorian garden located very close to the awe-inspiring Taj Mahal. The mood is contemplative. The detail is one of infinite care and the image is one of the most refreshing in the Global Holiday. Examples of Indian and Victorian architecture may be examined by the visitor in the fore-ground creating a proscenium for a vista of the beautiful Taj Mahal in the distance. The refreshing quality of the experience is further accentuated by the cool fountains which abound in this Victorian Park.

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Visitors are next transported into a cold and frosty winter scene, entering a typical Bavarian ski lodge, its locale being high on a mountain top in the area of Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Oberammergau. Vistas from windows and balconies look off into miles of distance to the great snow capped and fir tree studded Alps. This scene is highly animated, with skiers going down the slopes, ski lifts rising and cog wheel trains going through the mountains. The occasional drifts of snow will flake off of the ski lodge roof and fall down in front of the balcony. The time is near the end of the ski season, and down on the lower slopes of the great mountain the visitor will see the early spring flowers. The ski lodge will have all of the trappings in evidence. The sound of the crackling fire, of the music in the background, will add to the atmosphere of fun.



From the previous scene which was ice cold, our travelers will walk into a fascinating moist and cool fragrant tropical forest, will see and hear the call of birds, the chatter of monkeys, and will be engulfed in the dense growth of the forest. When first entering they will be enthralled by a great and ancient temple of Angkor Wat. This temple and others like it were built around 1100 A.D. and were rediscovered in 1860. In this context our visitors become explorers, and leaving the temple will thread their way further through this fragrant tropical forest, pass waterfalls, view an archeologist's camp and see Buddhist monks gay in their orange robes on holiday, too.

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From the lush forests of Angkor Wat our guests will walk on to the promenade deck of a cruise ship bobbing at anchor off the coast at the famous CopaCabana Beach. it is night, the lights from the hotels and boulevard along CopaCabana Beach will reflect back into the ocean, and off to the right of this scene silhouetted against the sky will be famous Sugar Loaf. Our cruise passengers will experience the throbbing of the ship's engines. They will hear gay Latin music coming from the ship's lounge and see passengers enjoying themselves. The night air is filled with the refreshing salt spray. The passengers are also given the sensation of the ship softly pitching at anchor. Romance is in the air as is the occasional call of the sea gulls.



From the gay, but quiet beauty of the scene just departed, our visitors are thrust into the excitement of carnival in gay New Orleans at Mardi Gras. There will be dancers in the streets, a display of fireworks seen off in the distance, the music of Bourbon Street in muted tones, the laughter of children and grownups in the spirit of carnival. The wrought iron balconies and the fascinating shops below will abound everywhere.

Ted Duffield, Creative Director for the Coca-Cola Company Pavilion at the New York World's Fair, can't help feeling at home in each of the "global holiday" areas. A million-miler, he has visited practically every major city and country in the world during his ten years as Sales Promotion Manager of The Coca-Cola Export Corporation. Her Mr. Duffield, right, The Coca-Coal Company Pavilion's own travel expert, inspects the progress of the fabled temple of Angkor Wat. The sculpture is of an ancient god-king.
Angkor Wat god-king at Coca-Cola

Source: Pre-Fair Publicity Photograph Courtesy Gary Holmes collection

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