World's Fair Information Manual

Dancing Waters
Mr. Sam Shayon
Dancing Waters, Incorporated
250 West 57th Street
New York 19, New York
CI 7-1348
Mr. William Kane
January 25, 1963
Adults . . . . .50-.75c
Children. . . .50c
(under 12)
Block 57; Lot 8
Lake Amusement Area
7.475 sq. ft.
Mr. Hannibal F. Zumbo
32 Court Street
Brooklyn, 1, New York
TR 5-8430
Sam Shayon

SOURCE: 1964 World's Fair Information Manual

The internationally famous Dancing Waters display, which was first introduced into this country at Radio City Music Hall in 1953 and which has since been shown throughout the western hemisphere, will be presented in a specially constructed air-supported type building at the New York Wold's Fair. The building shaped like a quonset hut was designed by Air-Tech Industries, Inc. and will be the only one of its kind on the Fairgroudns. This unique theatre building will seat an audience of approximately 500 people for a single showing. There will be performances every 15 to 20 minutes around the clock during the operating hours of the Fair.

The Dancing Waters display will be augmented by special and unique features for the World's Fair presentation. Nineteen motors, activated from an electrically operated console, played like an organ, forcing thousands of gallons of re-circulated water through more than 4,000 jets, to a controlled height of 20 feet, from portable sections of pipe and cable, fitted together into a portable rubber through-tank, all ingeniously put together - make up the Dancing Waters. There is a wire control for each jet. The wires are connected to the portable switchboard which looks like an organ console. The operator stands at the board, pushes the buttons and throws the switches, to make the water perform as it is forced through the jets by the motors, with a combined 15 horsepower. The water is contained in the shallow collapsible rubber trough into which the pipes are set, some long, some short, some circular, in different sizes and shapes. At inervals along the top of each pipe are holes capped by small jets and nozzles. The direction and size of the opeing of each nozzle can be changed at will.

With glorious multi-colored lighting, accompanied by thrilling and exciting music, the Dancing Waters presents limitless formations, effects, and combinations, from a "fireworks display" to classical ballet scenes, with the waters actually dancing waltzes, tangos, and swirling and swishing in modern intricate dance movements. As the sparkling waters rise and fall under the colorful lights to the accompaniement of music, the waters form amazing combinations and effects, which are breathtaking in their beauty.