Article: wonderful world of CHEMISTRY

wonderful world of CHEMISTRY

Huge circular pavilion which houses Du Pont's exhibit.
DuPont Pavilion
films are blended into lively stage shows
in two theaters of Du Pont's circular pavilion

Fairgoers wait on the colonnaded "porch" of the Du Pont Pavilion for their turn to see "The Wonderful World of Chemistry" musical revue.

Waiting on Line for DuPont Show



THE DU PONT PAVILION SHOW, "Wonderful World of Chemistry" is a musical revue in which singers and dancers onstage join in musical interplay with other performers on motion picture film.

It's startling fare, which requires perfect timing, especially when a girl on film passes a rose to a boy onstage, who in turn, hands it to another girl on film.

Three circular theaters uphold a N.Y. Fair tradition. In the Blue and Gold Rooms, audiences are viewing the same musical shows; then they move to a dazzling Red Room for science demonstrations.

Michael Brown wrote, produced and directed "Wonderful World," using an Elliott, Unger and Elliott film production. Animation was by Ernest Pintoff; special effects where by Film Effects of Hollywood. Bob Hills was show consultant. Scientific concepts and design of the Red Room show were by Jonathan Karas, with a spectacular finale in Mobilcolor.

Source: BUSINESS SCREEN MAGAZINE Presented courtesy Eric Paddon Collection

Girls on screens and boys onstage perform the flower-passing sequence.

Flower-passing Sequence

In this animated film sequence, audiences learn that all Greek philosophers did was just sit around and think; other film sequences continue the interplay between live talent onstage, events on screen..

Animated Film

Sketch of the Du Pont circular theater arrangement (all elements are stationary). Both Blue and Gold Rooms offer same musical show.

Pavilion Map


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