World's Fair Information Manual

Eastman Kodak Exhibit
Mr. L.V. Burrows
Eastman Kodak Company
343 State Street
Rochester 4,, New York
716 LO 2-6000
Mr. Larry Johnson
J. Walter Thompson Co.
420 Lexington Avenue
New York 17, New York
MU 6-7000
September 19, 1961
Block 19; Lot 3
Industrial Area
69,497 sq. ft.
Kahn & Jacobs
2 Park Avenue
New York 17, New York
OR 9-3932
Will Burton, Inc.
132 East 58th Street
New York 22, New York
PL 5-0220
George A. Fuller

SOURCE: 1964 World's Fair Information Manual

The theme of the Eastman Kodak Exhibit is the "universality of photography as an international language".
Exterior The pavilion will be a unique architectural showcase 363 feet long and topped by an 80 foot tower. The tower will contain five color prints 30 feet by 36 feet which will be visible both day and night. The floating carpet concrete roof with gently sloping walkways, gardens and fountains will be an attractive setting for camera enthusiasts who wish to photograph their family and friends.
Interior The pavilion will contain two theatres. The visitor will walk into a huge, circular theatre and see an exploration into the unusual wonders of the world captured by the camera. This theatre will accommodate 700 people at one time or 35,000 during an average day. The smaller theatre will be used for lively audio-visual demonstrations of products by Kodak and its subsidiary companies in chemical, textile and fashion fields.
New audio-visual techniques will be used throughout the building and in the 26 different exhibit areas. The pavilion will communicate photography's ability to measure and document scientific progress, and industry's growing use of photography as an ingenious and trustworthy production tool. Photography information will be provided by qualified personnel.

Eastman Kodak Company

Source: NY World's Fair Publication For Those Who Produced the New York World's Fair 1964-1965

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