World's Fair Information Manual

Florida, State of
Mr. Comer Kimball, President
Mr. William Stensgaard, Exeuctive Dir.
Florida World's Fair Authority
307 Poincianna Plaza
Palm Beach, Florida
305 833-3886
Mr. Jack Waugh
Hank Meyer Associates, Inc.
609 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York
EL 5-2740
August 15, 1962
Adults . . . . $2.00
Children. . . $1.00
(under 12)
Block 59; Lot 1
Lake Amusement Area
116,146 sq. ft.
Mr. Edward Grafton
Pancoast, Ferendino, Skeels,
_Grafton and Burnham
25-75 South Bayshore Drive
Miami 33, Florida
305 HI 4-6518
Connell, Pierce, Garland,
_and Friedman
315 NW 27th Avenue
Miami, Florida
305 NE 5-0606
George A. Fuller

SOURCE: 1964 World's Fair Information Manual

The Florida Pavilion, situated on Meadow Lake, will be a complex of buildings to show Florida's history, current and future potential for living, vacationing, industrial development and cultural pursuites. A one hundred-ten foot citrus tower, a spectaular porpoise show, two model Florida homes and a large exhibit hall will be featured. The entire area will be landscaped with semi-tropical vegetation, pools and fountains simulating Florida living.

The 110 foot citrus Tower topped with a giant orange which lights up at night, will be the landmark of the Florida exhibit. Near the top of the tower, a sign, 24 feet long and 3 feet wide, will spell out Florida on each side. The circular building, 50 feet in diameter at the base of the tower will be occupied by the Minute Maid Company.

A beautiful 250 foot long bridge called "Bridge to the Keys" will lead to the two model retirement homes. These homes will be furnished and set in a Florida landscape of grass, shrubs, palm and citrus trees.

Florida will also present the first live porpoise show ever seen at any international exposition. Ten shows will be given daily in a 1,600 seat theatre.

Wellman-Lord Engineering will have several scale models of phosphate chemical plants to demonstrate the chemical process and show how raw materials are produced and the finished product obtained.

Patricia Murphy wil have a gift shop in the exhibit.

State of Florida - Amphitheatre

Source: NY World's Fair Publication For Those Who Produced the New York World's Fair 1964-1965

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