A flock of pretty pink, though raucous-voiced, flamingos lends authenticity to Florida's palm-shaded Everglades exhibit. A few alligators are also included in the exhibit, but -- obviously -- they are kept in a separate pen, well away from the birds.

Source: News Colorfoto by Richard Lewis, New York Sunday News, July 18, 1965

Flroida Flamingos

Visitors enjoy the Live Porpoise Show at the Florida Pavilion

Source: Photograph © Copyright 2000, Alfred Gedney

Live Porpoise Show

Source: BUSINESS SCREEN MAGAZINE Presented courtesy Eric Paddon Collection

Florida's attractions are exhibited within this big circular pavilion.

Florida Pavilion
Visualizing the Good Life in Sunny Florida
RESORT PROMOTION is understandably a primary motif within the large circular Florida Pavilion. Varous tourist areas, such as Miami, Orlando and Palm Beach, are using sight/sound
media to show visitors the delights awaiting them. Transparencies are shown on "revolving ride" in the Palm Beach booth; the Miami show uses slide boxes turning on a center core.

    Plastic stalls take visitors on a sight/sound "ride" past activities of Palm Beach County environs.

    Palm Beach County Booth

    Fair visitors are watching a slide program about Orlando projected within this well.

    Orlando Booth
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