Amphitheater of the Florida Waterski Show from Meadow Lake.

SOURCE: Commercial Transparency by Photo Lab, Inc., Washington, DC



FLORIDA, the Sunshine State, always its own best booster, has expanded its activities at the Fair this year. This has not only promoted the state's own virtues, but has also helped perk up the whole Lake Amusement Area. Sparking the upswing is the new free Florida Citrus Water Ski Show. Also on the house are the porpoise show (especially great for kids), "Pieces of Eight" (treasure ship booty); Everglades exhibit (with alligators and flamingos), art show and information from cities and counties for vacationers and prospective residents. In line with this there's a model retirement house. And, of course, you can buy lots of orange juice!

[Above] New, exciting and free, the state's water ski show in the Amphitheatre is a prime attraction. This pyramid, or Roman stand, is one of 21 acts by professional skiers and boatmen. Starting at 1 P.M., there are six performances daily, including two at night.

Source: News Colorfoto by Daniel Jacino, New York Sunday News, July 18, 1965

Florida skiers

State of Florida - Amphitheatre

Source: NY World's Fair Publication For Those Who Produced the New York World's Fair 1964-1965