SOURCE: © Wolfe Worldwide Films, Bradd Schiffman Collection
Ford Pavilion at night

SOURCE: Presented courtesy Craig Konowal collection © 2017 Craig Konowal, All Rights Reserved
Ford Rotunda

Source: &COP Copyright 2017, Larry Hubble

The New York World's Fair will always be remembered as the place where Ford first introduced the Mustang!

Mustangs were featured on The Magic Skyway, where everyone wanted to ride one ...

... and rotating displays of Mustangs outside the Wonder Rotunda gave the public something to dream about -- here a shiny red Fastback for '65!

(Fastback photos courtesy of Larry Hubble)

Mustang Fastback for '65

Mustang Fastback for '65
Source: (top b&w) © Science Digest, Vol. 54 No. 6, December 1963
Source: (bottom) &COP National Geographic, Vol. 12 No. 4, April 1965

Space City model

Primeval world model

Primeval Scene on the Magic Skyway ride

Several elaborate models of The Magic Skyway were constructed by WED Enterprises to perfect the show elements and provide a guide to construction of the actual sets.

Comparing this model setting of the primeval world at the left with the actual setting below it shows just how detailed the models were that Disney used to create the ride.

Note the convertible passing by the dioramas. Some of the dinosaurs were over two stories high!

Riding a new Ford Mustang on the Magic Skyway

(courtesy of Vesnat Guillaume)

On the Magic Skyway
The Magic Skyway and Mustang
Source: © Wolfe Worldwide Films, Bradd Schiffman Collection
Scene from The Magic Skyway
Caveman uses tools to trap the Woolly Mammoth (courtesy of Bradd Schiffman)
Capturing Woolly Mammouth on the Magic Skyway ride


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