Family Room

Family Room

Floorplan featuring Family Room


"Where the tribe can roughhouse or relax. The family room, separated from the kitchen by a stone fireplace wall, encourages informal fun. So does the amiable grouping of sofa, love seat, lounge chair, and hand-crafted rug of Creslan.

-SOURCE: Souvenir Book, pp. 14-15

The modular unit shelving holding books is a design still in use today. The polka-dot cabinet beneath them is used for storing records (remember them?), and the TV console includes a "Hi-Fi stereo". Note the colorful area rug; it will be seen again in pure white with even longer fibers at Expo67 in Montreal. It will take a few more years before it finally catches on, but eventually it will be called a "shag carpet", and everyone in the 1970s will own one.

Family Room & Television

 "The big Skydome above the hearth fills the room with natural light by day, incandescent by night. Recessed ceiling lights enhance the appearance of art objects on the walls."

-SOURCE: Souvenir Book, p. 15

I hope the rug is nonflammable. By the way, that's an Eames chair, and you can still get one today if you have a lot of money. They start at around $2900.

Family Room & Fireplace

 Family Room Sofas

Another view of the couches. They look extremely uncomfortable to modern eyes, but that material probably wore like steel.

-SOURCE: Souvenir Book, p. 74

View from the Eames chair. You could enter this room from the Kitchen to the left or from the main hallway behind you. The large picture window behind the drapes looks out onto a snow-covered back yard.

-SOURCE: Souvenir Book, p. 38

Family Room Game Tabe


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