The 1965 Season

The World's Fair House in 1965

SOURCE: Official Fair Document The Fair in 1965

In 1965, the World's Fair House will be won by some lucky family who participates in a national consumer sweepstakes. Grand Prize in the sweepstakes will be a $50,000 World's Fair House, plus lot, anywhere in the country. 2,500 additional prizes worth more than $100,000 will include automobiles, appliances, rooms of furniture, furnishings and accessories for the home.

Home builders across the country will participate by building their versions of the World's Fair House and visitors to these local model homes will be eligible for the national sweepstakes.

In addition, visitors to the World's Fair House on the Fair site will be eligible for weekly sweepstakes prizes drawn at the House itself.

The national sweepstakes program is designed not only to stimulate fresh traffic at the Fair itself, but to capitalize on the highly successful 1964 World's Fair House Builder Program in which 166 Fair homes were built in over 150 cities across the United States.

It's September 1965. The lawn is parched and the fountain is off as an East Coast drought takes its toll on the World's Fair House.

SOURCE: Presented Courtesy Mike Kraus Collection © Copyright 2005, Mike Kraus, all rights reserved

Photograph - World's Fair House in '65

This advertisement ran in the May, 1964 issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine and shows six versions of the World's Fair House. It also lists some of the builder's models open for visiting in parts of New England or the Mid Atlantic states. Presumably the issues of GH that were distributed in other parts of the country had different lists.

World's Fair House Advertisement


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