Conceptual artwork depicts General Electric Pavilion.
Pavilion Conceptual Artwork

Conceptual artwork showing details of Entrance/Exit archway.

SOURCE (All): © The Walt Disney Company presented courtesy of Bradd Schiffman Collection

Artist's Detail of Entrance/Exit Arch

Conceptual artwork showing details of entry ramps to the Carousel of Progress level.
Artist's Detail of Moving Ramp to Carousel Level

Conceptual artwork showing details of "The Gateway to Future Progress."
Artist's Rendering of "Gateway"

General Electric Pavilion from the Avenue of Progress.

SOURCE (All): Presented courtesy of Bill Cotter Collection © 2002 Bill Cotter, All Rights Reserved

GE Pavilion

"General Electric Welcomes" - guards take a break from exhausting crowds?
Entrance Sign and Guards

Landscaped earthen berms hid massive Entrance/Exit archways built into the lower level of the pavilion.
Entering Progressland

View from the top of the ramp to the Carousel of Progress level and entrance.
View from Carousel Level

Oh those lines! Lines! Lines! Crowds wait in open-air lines to enter the GE exhibit at the Fair (Above). Waits of 2 hours or more were not uncommon for this, the most popular of Disney's attractions at the Fair. For the 1965 operating season, GE leased the entire vacant lot behind their pavilion to create a covered waiting area for visitors (Below). Disney historian Paul Anderson notes that the installation was promptly dubbed "Progresslane."
Crowds Wait for Admission

At The World's Fair, N.Y.C.

"Progressland" is the theme of this dynamic pavilion. It shows how electricity has changed the world. An actual demonstration of atomic fusion is presented to the visitor. By night the attractive dome of the building glows with 1000 lights.


Source: Postcard by COLOURPICTURE PUBLISHERS, INC., Boston, MA

Advertising artwork for Progressland. This design was the source for posters and brochures.

SOURCE: © The Walt Disney Company

Promotional Artwork

At Night
New York World's Fair 1964-1965

"Progressland is the theme of the General Electric exhibit. Under a huge, gleaming dome suspended from spiraling pipes, the GE exhibit depicts the history of electricity, from its beginnings to the mighty bang of nuclear fusion.


Source: Official Postcard by Dexter Press, West Nyack, NY

Night View of GE Pavilion

SOURCE: NY World's Fair Corporation Publicity Still

Publicity Black & White

Blue Light Sequence

SOURCE: Online Auction

GE Dome at Night


AS THE LAST TRACES of daylight dim out in the west, colorland at the Fair comes to brilliant life. You're standing with our color camera atop the Better Living Center in the Industrial Area and you take in four of the area's top attractions (l. to r.): Johnson's Wax, Tower of Light, General Electric and IBM. In addition to displays of products, each one has a free show that is highly popular with fairgoers. The 7-Up and Coca-Cola towers are centered in the background.

Source: News Colorfoto by Edmund Peters, New York Sunday News, August 9, 1964

Dazzling Night Scene

Source: General Electric advertisement for square fluorescent panel lamps

GE Advertisement

Lighting effects on the GE Dome give an illusion of "swirling" in GE's rooftop spectacular.

SOURCE: Presented courtesy of Bradd Schiffman Collection © 2002 Bradd Schiffman, All Rights Reserved

Spiraling Lighting Effects

PROGRESSLAND Bumper Sticker and subway advertising poster.

SOURCE: Presented courtesy of Peter Stathes Collection

Bumper Sticker
Subway Poster


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