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News from the 1965 Season

Arches To Be Newsier

GF's 11 arches at the World's Fair will carry nearly three times as many news items this year. Items will be held on the board for only 45 seconds -- 90 seconds last year -- and this year news will also be offered with the GF sponsor identification that appears every two minutes and lasts for 30 seconds. General Foods brand names also will get more mention. They'll appear continuously in photo panels under the news and on billboards on the reverse side of arches.

-March 1965

Fair Figures

During the current New York World's Fair season, the GF arches flashed out more than 200 special messages -- notes on exhibits and public service announcements.

The GF employee lounge also drew a lot of visitors -- more than 3,000 guests signed the lounge register.

-September 1965 

GF Archway #5
General Foods Archway #5

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