Epilogue: Old Archway gets a New Life!

West Hempstead Arch - top West Hempstead Arch - signage
West Hempstead Arch - longshot 

Still displaying information after more than 35 years, this "Archway to Understanding" stands in the parking lot of the Cherry Valley Shopping Center along the Hempstead Turnpike, West Hempstead, Long Island, Nassau County, NY.

The bolts that originally held the "Peace Through Understanding" lettering at the top of the arch can still be seen in the top photos.

It has also been reported that General Foods Arches may be found at "The Enchanted Forest" in Old Forge, NY and at Rocky Point, RI, a defunct amusement park.

You're invited to visit the Legacies Pages at nywf64.com if you'd like to find more surviving legacies of the Fair!

Source: Photographs a courtesy of Curtis Cates of BBQ Productions