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Scenes of Futurama II

Lunar Rover and Moonbase

Lunar Rovers float magically over powdered plains...

Antarctic Outpost

Antarctica is now a land of growing communities...
AN ATOMIC-POWERED SUBMARINE surfaces within an all-weather port to supply scientists turning Antarctica into a world-wide weather eye. The port, kept free of ice the year-round, is cut through the ice shelf which extends from the shore into the ocean. Domed warehouses handling containerized freight shipments stand in the background of this scene from the General Motors Futurama ride at the New York World's Fair.

Probing for Resourses (closeup)

Probe for the earth's secrets through countless centuries of ice.

WORKMEN, clad in specially-designed clothing to protect them from the shattering Antarctic cold, install an under-ice laboratory along the General Motors Futurama ride at the New York World's Fair. An excavating machine, powered by fuel cells, carves a passageway to the next installation after holing out the laboratory site. The Futurama attracted almost half of those who visited the Fair.

Probing for Resources

In mobile laboratories form expeditions into the vast white wastelands of the still unknown.

Ride Train passes Aquacopter scene

In aquacopters...
(note the Ride Train passing in the background of this scene)

Aquacopter closeup the ocean floor to find, miles deep, vast fields of precious minerals and ores.

AN AQUACOPTER, a two-man undersea personnel carrier fitted with claw-handed arms and capable of operating on the ocean floor, is one of the futuristic vehicles featured in the undersea set of the General Motors Futurama ride at the New York World's Fair. In an aquacopter geologists, according to GM designers, would be able to explore the bottom of the sea for minerals, chemicals, petroleum and other natural resources not attainable with the undersea craft available today. The "fans" at the top and bottom of the aquacopter are for vertical ascent and descent and the duct in the rear houses the power for forward motion.

Submarine Train transports supplies

...while trains of submarines transport materials and goods along the waterways of the under sea.
THE LIMITLESS TREASURES of the sea are being extracted in this scene from the General Motors Futurama "ride into tomorrow" at the New York World's Fair. A drill (left) pierces the ocean floor near a number of previously capped-off oil wells while an atomic-powered submarine train passes in the background.

Hotel Atlantis

A weekend if you wish at Hotel Atlantis in the kingdom of the seas.

Underseas Hotels and Pleasure Craft

A holiday of thrills and of adventures. Of beauty and enchantment.

Clearing the Jungle

A jungle road is built in one continuous operation.

Felling trees with Lasers

First, a searing ray of light, a laser beam, cuts through the trees.

Roadbuilding Machine

Then a giant machine, a factory on wheels, cuts up the stumps and jungle growth...

Transport Terminal

These forest highways now are bringing to the innermost depths of the tropic world the goods and materials of progress and prosperity...
DEEP WITHIN the jungle a freight depot lies athwart an electronically-controlled highway. Inside the depot are containerized shipments of lumber, chemicals, minerals and other raw materials which trucks will carry to processing centers and return with finished goods. In this scene from the General Motors Futurama "ride into tomorrow" at the New York World's Fair the highway takes the place of the river as the new jungle thoroughfare.

Jungle adventure craft

...and offering to us all enchanting tours through the storybook forests of tropic lands.
MOBILE, SELF-PROPELLED HOMES provide workers a haven from equatorial heat and humidity while a road-building machine create a multi-lane super highway of concrete and steel in one continuous operation through the heart of the jungle. These trailer homes of the future feature expandable compartments which, when extended, enlarge the living area to 400 sq. ft. The units move with the progress of the road-builder providing living quarters for five persons. These and many other vehicles feature dramatic and exciting styling innovations by the General Motors styling staff in the GM Futurama "ride into tomorrow" at the New York World's Fair.

Making water for desert irrigation

And for our deserts a new technology: waters from the sea made fresh as rain to nourish crops planted in the sand.
A FOOD PROCESSING PLANT stands amidst the once-barren sands of the desert which are made to bloom with desalted sea-water brought over the mountains by atomic-powered pumps within the General Motors Futurama ride at the New York World's Fair. Highly-sophisticated farming and processing techniques, coupled with rapid rail and roadway transportation, are expected to reduce drastically the time between farm field and dining room tables.

Desert Farming scene

Produce from seed to shipment, programmed and processed by a new agriculture.

Desert Farming scene

A science of plenty for an ever growing world.

THE DRAB EXPANSE of the barren desert is broken by the lush green of ripening crops and the sparkling machinery of an automated farm in this scene from the Genera Motors Futurama "ride into tomorrow" at the New York World's Fair. Transportation innovations such as the containerized trains at the tunnel mouth (upper right) promise overnight delivery of farm products to metropolitan markets. In foreground are solar units providing auxiliary electrical power and (above them) a rotating irrigation system utilizing desalted sea water.

House of Tomorrow

People live today where they will, neither terrain nor distance a deterrent to where the men of the city build their homes.

A CIRCULAR SWIMMING POOL becomes an integral part of this futuristic home displayed in the General Motors Futurama ride at the New York World's Fair. The garage at right contains an electronic auto repair center; household service facilities are located in theater; moving walls enclose the open-air kitchen in inclement weather.

Ride Train passes the City of Tomorrow the Continental Highway now leads us to the city of tomorrow.
(note the Ride Train passing in front of the scene)

City of Tomorrow

Plazas of urban living rise over freeways.

Electronically controlled highway

Vehicles, electronically paced, travel routes remarkably safe, swift and efficient.

City of Tomorrow

Towering terminals serve sections of the city; make public transportation more convenient; provide ample space for private cars.

Source: GM Archival Photographs
Source: Gallery presented courtesy of Bradd Schiffman, John Karpiscak & Ray Dashner
Source: GM Publicity Text provided courtesy of Ray Dashner

Futurama's orbiting space station...
Orbiting Space Station
...Underwater hotel
Underseas Hotel

Model Closeup - House of Tomorrow

House of Tomorrow model

Model Closeup - City of Tomorrow
Source: Wolfe Worldwide Films
Source: Bradd Schiffman Collection

City of Tomorrow Model

A freight terminal in the jungle...

Freight Terminal

...the City of Tomorrow

City of Tomorrow

Source: "The World of Tomorrow" © 1970 McGraw-Hill, Author- Goldstein
Presented courtesy of John Karpiscak


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