Information Booths

Artist's rendering of the Information Booths sponsored by Greyhound which were scattered throughout the Fairgrounds.
Artist's Rendering of Information Booth

SOURCE: Commercial Transparency by Photo Lab, Inc., Washington, DC

SOURCE: Greyhound Corporation, New York World's Fair Marketing Information Letter No. 2, September 13, 1963


Greyhound at the World's Fair will provide the uniformed men and women attendants in the 20 or more Official World's Fair Information Booths.

These booths will be served by teletype and telephone from the Official World's Fair Information Center, thus assuring possession of the latest word on special events or program changes. Inquiries directed to these booth attendants in languages foreign to us will be handled by direct telephone conversation between the inquirer and the able linguists at the telephone information center.


Greyhound at the World's Fair will staff and operate this telephone information center where the latest equipment has been installed to accommodate 60 or more operators working in shifts around the clock, seven days a week. A representative group of these operators will be chosen for their proficiency in many languages so that, during the most hours of the day, conversational contact may be established where a language barrier might otherwise exist.

Greyhound at the World's Fair will provide smartly uniformed, carefully selected and trained walking guides. They can be engaged through the uniformed roving salesmen or hostesses at the Official World's Fair Information Booths, by individuals or groups of manageable sizes.

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