Post House Restaurants

Artist's rendering of The Nantucket Room - a Post House Restaurant at the Greyhound Pavilion
Artist's Rendering of Nantucket Room

Greyhound Post Houses will play a dramatic and unique role at the New York World's Fair, offering distinctive restaurants in the Greyhound Transportation Center and several old-fashioned restaurants in the Liebmann Breweries' (Rheingold Beer) exhibit, "Little Old New York."

In the Greyhound World's Fair Transportation Center, Post Houses will have three dining rooms joined by a street, "Main Street, U.S.A.," and, also, feature a fast cafeteria, snack bar and a "Food Service of Tomorrow."

The multi-dining room Post House Restaurant in the Greyhound World's Fair Building -- which is across the street from the General Motors Building -- will seat more than 500 persons.

Each dining room will have an individual, decorative motif, and a food specialty.

The Nantucket Room will specialize in foods traditional to New England -- crabs, clams, clam chowder and lobster. One glass wall provides a view of an outside pool, and seines, wharf piles, masts and riggings complement the Cape Code environment.

The Federal Room will specialize in Southern cooking at its best, served in a splendid, hospitable atmosphere. Such renown specialties as Maryland Fried Chicken, Baked Country Ham, Corn Bread, Plantation Shortcake and Pecan Pie are some of the menu items.

The Western Room -- highlight BEEF! Hearty Western cookery, served amidst irons, lariats, guns and trophies of the West.

Food Services of Tomorrow will afford adventurous chefs the opportunity to prepare their own complete meal in mere seconds by microwave energy.

Nor has Post House forgotten the most traditional of all American fare -- be it Golden Fried Chicken or Roast Round of Beef, featured at the Cafeteria -- or the ever popular Hamburger or Hot Dog from the Snack Bar. Either will provide fast service for the hurried visitor.

A Souvenir Gift Court completes this Post House exhibit in the Greyhound Pavilion.

At the Liebmann Breweries' exhibit Post Houses will operate several old-fashioned restaurants in a "Little Old New York" turn-of-the-century setting. Cobblestone walks bordered with flowers, trees, park benches and a centrally located bandstand providing live entertainment are all attuned to the gay and carefree early 1900's. Fair-goers will find food kiosks, a Town House restaurant with a solarium facing the Fair's Pool of Industry, center of night time Fair activities, a sidewalk cafe, and an intimate tavern. Here Fair-goers will, also, find gaily costumed hawkers peddling their wares.

Meal service is offered to groups of 100 or more at any time other than peak service periods in both facilities. During the meal period, groups of 30 to 60 can be served in the Western, Nantucket and Federal Rooms or in the solarium of the Town House.

Greyhound Post Houses, as you can see, will be very much in evidence at the Fair, contributing significantly to the over-all Greyhound Corporation image.

Plan to include Post House in your World's Fair planning and encourage our customers to not only leave the driving to us, but to, also, enjoy a memorable visit to one of the Greyhound Post House World's Fair restaurants.

Artist's rendering of The Federal Room - a Post House Restaurant at the Greyhound Pavilion

SOURCE: Greyhound Corporation, New York World's Fair Marketing Information Letter No. 5, January 20, 1964

Artist's Rendering of The Fedral Room