A Greyhound World's Fair Escorter for the Discriminating Fair-goer!
Greyhound Escorter

SOURCE: Greyhound Corporation, New York World's Fair Marketing Information Letter No. 2, September 13, 1963

Over 300 new vehicles of 4 different kinds, all especially and uniquely designed for this Fair, will be operated in a wide variety of services, as briefly summarized below.

For the more discriminating Fair-goer who wants privacy and personalized service, the open-air and freedom from fixed-route travel, the Escorter is the complete answer to his demands.

New as tomorrow's newspaper, this vehicle was especially designed for this World's Fair! It seats up to four sight-seers comfortably placed right up front where no obstruction can ever interfere with the view. Behind them sits the smartly uniformed, highly trained and informed driver-guide, who tells his guests what they are seeing. They can dictate their own route, let the driver suggest it, or choose one of several available pre-planned tours. Roadways and walkways not available to the other vehicles may be used by the Escorter.

The vehicle may be engaged as a taxi on a meter basis, or by the hour or day, and its cost will be $9.00 per hour for two passengers, with a surcharge of $1.00 for each additional passenger up to four (surcharge applies on the first hour only). The Escorter may be used for 20 minutes at a minimum charge of $3.00 for 2 passengers. For eight (8) consecutive hours a special rate of $70.00 for the vehicle and driver-guide will apply. Long term leases for a month, one season, or both seasons are available by special arrangements.

(Top) Smartly attired guide awaits an Escorter fare at the Fair. (Bottom) Lucky group of Fairgoers tour the grounds in a Greyhound Escorter.
Escorter with Guide
Escorter with Group
SOURCE: Both photos: Presented courtesy Bill Cotter collection © 2010 Bill Cotter, All Rights Reserved. See more images from Bill's fabulous collection of World's Fair photographs at his website

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