Meet Lady Greyhound




Lady Greyhound
Lady Greyhound
famous living symbol of
the greyhound corporation
who will appear at
greyhound's transportation
center during the
new york world's fair
in 1964 - 1965 
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upon a time...


... as all good stories start, the famous trade mark you've seen on thousands of Greyhound buses came to life

At first she was kind of small, a little awkward ... playful and puppyish and not at all like the distinguished lady she would come to be. But, without a doubt, a living symbol had been born ... and we called her LADY GREYHOUND.

Now, after several years of representing Greyhound, she's already been more places and done more things than most people do in a whole lifetime. She's even visited the White House.

An important part of LADY GREYHOUND'S work is helping with many worthy charity drives that take place around the

country every year. For example, she has served as Pet Division Director for the Easter Seal Campaign and has helped the American Humane Society with their programs.

She's been on television, too. Maybe you've seen her with such stars as Jack Benny, Art Linkletter, Steve Allen, Garry Moore, and Ed Murrow.

As you might guess, LADY GREYHOUND has a very busy schedule. But, no matter how tired she may be, she's always ready with a wag of the tail and a shake of the paw for any young admirer.

Not only is she an important member of The Greyhound Corporation's family ...

she has her own family as well. In private life she's married to a champion greyhound and is the mother of nine handsome puppies. Children in several lucky homes throughout the country are having fun right this minute with their very own LADY GREYHOUND pups.

But even raising her own family hasn't interfered with LADY GREYHOUND'S career. She'll be continuing her fine work as a faithful public servant so that the many deserving people she helps will be able to live happily ever after.


Lady Greyhound

Source: Greyhound at the Fair Pamphlet: Meet Lady Greyhound
Lady Greyhound  
here are just a few of the many titles and honors she's received:
Queen of National Dog Week
Queen of National Cat Week
Mother dog of the Year for 1960
Bachelor of Animal Letters Degree from Moravian College
Symbol for World Animal Day
Pet Food Institute's Outstanding Dog of 1961
Lady-in-Waiting to Mrs. America
American Humane Society Award 
facts about lady greyhound
Birthday: January 28
Birthplace: Clay Center, Kansas
Color: White with gold
Weight: 58 pounds
Eyes: Black
LADY GREYHOUND is a purebred greyhound breed of dog. She is of coursing stock. Her dam: Little Shamrock. Her sire: Happy Yet. Registered with the National Coursing Association.
  Greyhound Trademark

Lady Greyhound gets a Glide-a-Ride trip on Opening Day, 1965

SOURCE: Presented courtesy Bill Cotter collection © 2010 Bill Cotter, All Rights Reserved. See more images from Bill's fabulous collection of World's Fair photographs at his website

Lady Greyhound - Opening Day 1965

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