List of Sub-Exhibitors

SOURCE: 1964 World's Fair Information Manual

A Nation's Heritage
American Board of Missions to the Jews, Inc.
American Optometric Association
American Seating Company
Baby Career Institute
Bancroft, Avery & McAllister
__for Walter Keane Printing
Baldridge Reading Services, Inc.
Bioscope Manufacturing Co.
Book House for Children, The
Brunswick Corporation
Carter's Ink Co.
Civic Education Service, Inc.
Collegiate Cap & Gown Company
Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, The
Constance Bannister Enterprises
Contract Hardware
Dawn Bible Students Association
Deutscher & Sons Inc.
Do-All Manufacturing Co.
Edmund Scientific Co.
Electronic Directory Processing Corp.
Endicott-Johnson Corp.
F. E. Compton & Company
Fedders Corp.
Gulf American Land Corp.
Hamelin-Harvard Associated Co.
Johnson Service Compay Inc.
Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch, Inc.
Miro Pen Corp.
Modernfold doors Inc.
National Catholic Educational Assoc., The
New Castle Products Inc/
New York Bible Society, The
New York Daily News
New York State Podiatry Association
Noble and Noble Publishers Inc.
Owens-Corning Fiberglas
Paperbacks at the Fair, Inc.
Pepsi-Cola Company
Republic Steel Corp.
S & A Stores Inc.
Seaway Associates Inc.
__(featuring Polymer Products Co.)
Shorewood Publishing Company
Sportservice Corporation
Taylor Company, The Halsey W.
Torjesen Inc.
U. S. Industries Inc.
U. S. Rubber Co.
Wilkie Brothers Foundations
Youth in Science at the
__New York World's Fair

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