Proposal: Description of the Site

Proposed Pavilion

Location: The site offered by the World's Fair constitutes an area of 77.260 square feet, or any desired part thereof; it is a tongue-shaped peninsula, adjoining the space allocated to Puerto Rico, and is surrounded by footpaths and a main intramural bus artery, directly on the route from the chief entrance to the Fair Grounds, immediately accessible from the so-called "V.I.P." entrance from the Fair's administration building. The Fair estimates that about 70% of the expected 70,000,000 visitors will enter through the main gate.

__Another important advantage of the location is its proximity to the large Federal Government exhibit, which is certain to draw the maximum possible traffic. (The Federal exhibit in Seattle is the greatest drawing card of the entire Century 21 Exposition).

Area: The recommendations and proposed designs submitted herewith, call for the use of only 43,656 square feet of the proffered space, which is believed adequate to accomplish the desired objectives of the four states involved. The use of additional land would result in increased costs for buildings, landscaping and maintenance, without commensurate gain in value to the states.
Conclusion: It is therefore recommended that the approximate 43,656 square foot area of Bock 37 be applied for and accepted for the purposes of this exhibit.

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