Proposal: Why a Heartland Exhibit?

Proposed Pavilion

__Because the exhibit is a vehicle for creating and putting across to the world a forceful image of the Heartland States as the inner fortress of America, whose growth and strength are vital to our national survival . . . . as a modern community on the verge of monumental developments as inevitable as the pioneer destiny that created and sustained it only two and three generations ago . . . . as the commonwealth core of America, rich in PEOPLE, POWER and POTENTIAL for the nucleonic age. This is the Theme of our NYWF Exhibition . . . . to be housed in a pavilion whose shape evolves organically out of its unique exhibit techniques....

__Because sharing exhibit costs also give to each and all of the Midland Community States an equal and inexpensive way of strongly reinforcing the promotion of special interests in Tourism and Industrial Development.

__Because it is a way of gaining more popular support, sympathy and understanding of the issues that affect the welfare of each and all of the Heartland States. These states share a common heritage, and a common destiny . . . . and a unity of problems and interests in agriculture and development of natural resources that need communal action in Congress, and the understanding, sympathy and support of all U.S. citizens and their elected public officials.

__For these same reasons, it is manifestly desirable that the State of Iowa be invited to join in this common project.

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