Proposal: Attendance Estimate

__Original calculations by traffic engineers of the New York World's Fair 1964-1965 Corporation, called for potential Fair attendance during the two seasons, of 70,000,000. In view of population increases, transportation improvements made apparent since Fair organization; and particularly in view of the unexpectedly large attendance to date at Century 21 Exposition, these estimates may be too conservative.

__It is thus logical to conclude that a unique show technique and attractive exhibits, fortified with a reasonable amount of professional public relations promotion, can be expected to develop attendance most of the time at near capacity levels.

__In order to assure this, the budge includes a sum for public relations aimed directly at new syndicate feature editors and columnists, major home magazine editors, TV and radio network public interest programs and editors of child education publications. This is a minimal program. It is expected that the informative, exciting Rocket Belt Ride, reinforced by theme and design of our exhibit story and state exhibits, and by publicized celebrity visits and special events, will find a ready welcome from major media whose coverage can trigger additional, unsolicited publicity features across the country.

__Due to the special nature of the Panavision show and its expected physical effect on the viewers, as well as the necessity for frequent crowd turnover, we propose that the actual filming be limited to twelve minutes, with an interval of eight minutes for change of audience.

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This will allow three shows per hour, or thirty-six per day. Capacity audience for the 360 days of the Fair will be 4,847,040 in the 374-seat theatre.

__We believe that a conservative estimate of the actual audience would be 60% of capacity, or a total of 2,908,224, and have calculated our projected revenue on that basis, with an admission charge (through coin-operated turnstiles) of 50 cents for adults and 25 cents for children under 12 years of age. Assuming an average family of two adults and two children, we arrive at the following estimated revenue figures:

Adults- 1,454,112 @ 50 cents $ 727,056.00
Children- 1,454,112 @ 25 cents 363,528,00
$ 1,089,584.00
(At capacity operation, which is of course never a realistic expectation, this figure could conceivably approach a total of $1,817,640.)

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