Proposal: Conclusion

__In giving consideration to the foregoing report, we ask that the Committee bear in mind that the ideas and proposals herein suggested are based upon a serious study of the subject matter and are believed to be valid in every detail. It is entirely possible that members of the Committee may have ideas of value to contribute.

__The projected revenues herein have not taken into consideration the sale of gift items, souvenirs, state novelties, sunflower seeds, etc. Further research may develop other such sources of substantial additional income.

__The projected items of cost are estimated and believed to be on the conservative side - that is, actual bids on construction and various operational items may result in perceptible savings.

__It must be noted, however, that early decisions are absolutely necessary if these figures are to hold firm. Cost incident to World's Fair construction will rise in direct proportion to the advance of the calendar, due primarily to skilled labor shortages and consequent overtime charges.

Respectfully Submitted,


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