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Geroge Murphy

Greetings and a warm welcome to the Hollywood Pavilion of the New York World's Fair 1964-65.

During the 25 years I have spent in show business and Hollywood, the most common request I hear from the thousands of visitors to the world's entertainment capital is: "I'd love to see motion picture and television settings in the studios."

We couldn't take you all to Hollywood. So we brought Hollywood -- millions of dollars of it -- to the New York World's Fair.

From the moment you pass through the world-famous portals of Grauman's Chinese Theatre last lingering reflections of the Western street, you will thrill to happy memories of famous pictures and television shows of the past -- and the anticipation of great shows of the future

Here you will see Hollywood's most famous television and motion picture sets. Each day thousands of you will walk through them, and relive stirring scenes in such great spectacles as Seven Days In May, The King and I, Cleopatra, West Side Story, The Fall of the Roman Empire, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, and South Pacific.

Here, too, is the actual consulting room where Dr. Kildare and Dr. Gillespie of the Dr. Kildare television series perform.

Nearby is the picturesque, little Western street with its General Store to delight you and the youngsters.

Moreover, when you visit our Museum, you will lose yourself in a world of the past. Here are relics and mementoes of the legendary motion pictures directed by the great Cecil B. DeMille and many others. Here, rich in nostalgia, are hundreds of exciting pieces, like the 60-foot model train from The Greatest Show On Earth and the perfect-scale ship used in many of DeMille's epics.

Also in the Museum are costumes, jewelry, props, scripts, cameras, and other accessories which have gone into the making of great motion pictures and television shows.

This much is certain: Hollywood U.S.A. will prove to be one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences at The Fair. As a result, you will appreciate even more the efforts of this giant industry to preserve the great literature of all time; to create amusement, inspiration, and education for peoples throughout the world; and to bring to your motion picture and television screens the highest possible standard of entertainment.

Director's Chair

George Murphy

Chairman, George Murphy and Associates
Member, Board of Directors,
New York World's Fair 1964-65 Corp.

Artist's Rendering

Hollywood U.S.A. unfolds a vivid panorama of the color and excitement of the motion picture and television industry. It is traditional for Hollywood U.S.A. to portray the drama of history, to peel back curtains of secrecy so that audiences may peer at sights they can never otherwise experience. Hollywood U.S.A. has picked the choice productions of our time, and brought the key sets to The Fair for all to enjoy. In this bird's-eye view of the Hollywood pavilion some roofed-in areas have been opened up to allow the visitor to undertand what goes on in every corner of this spectacular exhibition. From the moment the visitor enters the land of South Pacific to the time he laughs with Molly Brown in the Paris Cafe set, he is lost in the wonder of Hollywood U.S.A.
Hollywoood U.S.A. entrance (reproduction of Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood)
South Pacific (beach set)
Juice stand
Dr. Kildare television series (hospital consulting room set)
Souvenir stand
Rest rooms
Candy store -- Loft's Candies
The King and I (temple set)
Cleopatra (throne room set and statues)
The Fall of the Roman Empire (symbolic hand of Life set)
Seven Days in May (President's office)
The Unsinkable Molly Brown (Paris Cafe set)
West Side Story (street and candy store sets)
General Store (curios, souvenirs, gifts)
Western Street
Museum (memorabilia of early days of Hollywood)
Cocktail lounge
Pavilion Map

SOURCE: Souvenir Program and Guide Book Hollywood U.S.A. at the New York World's Fair

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