Forty-three million dollars! that's what Hollywood U.S.A. spent to bring Cleopatra, immortal story of romance and history, to the screen for millions around the world. Starring Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and Rex Harrison, Cleopatra took three years to make -- and, certainly, is the most expensive motion picture ever made. The story, with its backdrop of two great empires at the peak of their grandeur, chronicles the life of the ambitious and seductive Egyptian queen. It begins at age 20 when in her Palace at Alexandria, she first greets Julious Ceasar; then moves on to her stormy romance with Marc Antony. Filmed in Egypt, Spain, London, and Italy, the production in Rome alone filled 30 buildings on a 12-acre complex.

SOURCE: Souvenir Program and Guide Book Hollywood U.S.A. at the New York World's Fair

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