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Dr. Kildare Scene
Dr. Kildare
When Dr. Kildare began its fourth season on the NBC Network in 1964-65, it joined an exclusive circle of long-run television shows. Before they came to TV, young Kildare and his friend and mentor, Dr. Gillespie of Blair Hospital, were central figures in a number of hit motion pictures. The Dr. Kildare TV series lifted Richard Chamberlain, in the title role, from obscurity to become television's most popular young actor. Rayomd Massey, famed for his portrayals of Abe Lincoln, crowned his brilliant stage and screen career as Dr. Gillespie. Big-name stars appear in key guest roles during each episode filmed at MGM studios in Culver City, Calif. Norman Felton is executive producer and David Victor is producer of the series.
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SOURCE: Souvenir Program and Guide Book Hollywood U.S.A. at the New York World's Fair

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