The Unsinkable Molly Brown

Unsinkable Molly Brown Scene
The Unsinkable Molly Brown
Fabulous Molly Brown! From opening scene to fade-out, she is the irresistible, irrepressible Molly, vividly reliving the fascinating Cinderella story of the unschooled Irish-American girl who rose from abject poverty in the rough mining camp of Leadville, Colorado, to incredible riches. In doing so, Molly became a legend in her time -- and ours. The film company which made the motion picture The Unsinkable Molly Brown nearly matched her mobility. For it did its shooting in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Europe, and Hollywood. Based on the Broadway hit with Meredith Willson's great musical score, Molly Brown was transferred to the screen with Debbie Reynolds in the title role and Harve Presnell as Leadville Johnny Brown.
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SOURCE: Souvenir Program and Guide Book Hollywood U.S.A. at the New York World's Fair

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