World's Fair Information Manual

Hong Kong
Mr. John C. Y. Kao, President
Hong Kong Trading company
Malko General Agencies (H.K.) Ltd.
Room No. 406, Manson House
Nathan Road, Kowloon
Hong Kong, B.C.C.
Mr. John Humes
Director General
Pavilion of Hong Kong
New York World's Fair 1964-1965
50 Broadway
New York 4, New York
DI 4-0990
Mr. Gilbert Hodges
Communications Advisors, Inc.
551 Fifth Avenue, Suite 609
New York 17, New York
YU 6-4235
Mr. Douglas Beaton
January 12, 1962
Block 22; Lot 18
International Area
24,259 sq. ft.
Mr. Eldredge Snyder
101 Park Avenue
New York 17, New York
MU 5-0163
Mr. Frank Murphy
E. W. Howell Company

SOURCE: 1964 World's Fair Information Manual

The British Crown Colony of Hong Kong is represented at the Fair by a colorful native pavilion sponsored by the Hong Kong Trading Company, Inc.

Exterior: The Hong Kong Pavilion is a charming blend of modern design and traditional Chinese architecture. The building features upswept eves, bright colors, intricate carvings and gilded surfaces. The entrance is a 45 foot Gateway with gay and colorful streamers and lanterns. Passing through the Gateway, visitors walk over the crescent shaped Bridge of the Rainbow. Below the bridge huge lily pads float in the illuminated Lagoon of the Emeralds.

The front of the building is glass to permit an unobstructed view of the Unisphere and other adjoining pavilions. The sides are decorated with exotic oriental panels fabricated in Hong Kong

Canopied tables and chairs and landscaping highlight the authentic Hong Kong background.

Interior: Inside, the pavilion reflects all of the fascination of Hong Kong's finest shopping centers. Tailor-made suits, beaded sweaters, oriental jewelry, hand-made rugs, fabulous furniture, rich damask, carved ivory and jade are available for sale. The sounds of Hong Kong echo through the building. Visitors may have their photographs taken sitting in a rickshaw.

A "Crown Colony Club", containing a bar, restaurant and dance floor features entertainment representing Chinese culture. The interior decoration of the Club is highlighted by a three dimensional diorama of Hong Kong in minature. Entrance to the Club is through the stern of a Chinese junk.

To the rear of the pavilion is the "Bird Cage Bar", specializing in Chinese food packages that the visitor may take with him.

From time to time special exhibits of rare china, screens and other priceless Chinese objects d'art will be held. The pavilion accurately reflects the magic charm and variety of the British Corwn Colony.

Hong Kong

Source: NY World's Fair Publication For Those Who Produced the New York World's Fair 1964-1965

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