Trellised archways with hanging planters define the entrance to The House of Good Taste. Note the ticket window at right.

Source: Photolab Slide#5484 by Ludolf Burkhardt, courtesy Bill Cotter collection

Entrance - HGT - 1964

A much more lively HGT entrance from the Mike Kraus collection. The see-through name sign has given way to more visible solid red signage. Note the "Cocktails - Restaurant" signs, indicating this shot was probably taken in 1965.

Entrance - HGT - 1965

What appears to be a mid-sixties scene of suburbia is actually The House of Good Taste at the World's Fair with Edward Durell Stone's Modern House in the foreground.

Homes of Good Taste

A nice view of one of the Stone House courtyards from a high vantage-point.

Edward Durell Stone House

The Pavilion of Hidden Assets is prominently featured in this photograph.

Pavilion of Hidden Assets

Two views of the Traditional Home of The House of Good Taste exhibit.

Traditional Home

Source: Photos courtesy Mike Kraus collection (unless otherwise indicated) © Copyright 2005 Mike Kraus, All Rights Reserved

Traditional Home

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