Listen to Audio of the "Information Machine" Show!

Ray Dashner, tape recorder in hand, preserved the soundtracks of many of the New York World's Fair shows for his own enjoyment. Now, relive the sounds of the Fair through Ray's fabulous recordings!


"Information Machine"

Soundtrack 1965

LISTEN! (4.42MB)
Source: Ray Dashner Archives 2007 All Rights Reserved

The Information Machine host

IBM chose a most unusual way of announcing/narrating their presentation. A host dressed in white tie and tails descends from the steel trees on a crow's nest platform and addresses the audience while suspended before them! After his introduction, he ascends back into the Information Machine and appears on a balcony to narrate the show.

Look closely at the picture on the left. The host can be seen ascending or descending from an exterior portal in the ovoid in open air on the crow's nest - some 60+ feet up! Now that's a ride! No doubt "just another day at the office" on a beautiful sunny day, but a most unpleasant experience in a driving April rain?

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