World's Fair Information Manual

Illinois Pavilion
Mr. James Cassin
Director, Illinois Pavilion
160 North LaSalle South, Rm. 533
Chicago 1, Illinois
312 FI 6-200
Mr. Michael Pender
September 12, 1962
Block 35C; Lot 1
State Area
55,540 sq. ft.
Mr. Bruce Graham
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
30 West Monroe Street
Chicago, Illinois
312 FI 6-6161
George A. Fuller Construction Co.

SOURCE: 1964 World's Fair Information Manual

Exterior: Illinois brick, low profile, and smooth, un-interrupted continuity of lines make the Illinois building a reflection of the Prairie State and the simplicity of Mr. Lincoln. The words of Lincoln in raised letters on the brick walls appear to support the building. The exhibit will explain why Lincoln continues to grow in Illinois political philosophy, cultural inheritance, social and moral consciousness, and economic development. The exhibit will feature the present day virtues of the state in industry, education and recreation.

Entrance Courtyard: The entrance courtyard which leads the way into the Pavilion will contain a monumental photo portrait of Lincoln, a new equestrian statue of the young Illinois lawyer by Anna Hyatt Huntington and a relief map of the state watched over by the famous Borglum "shiny nose" head of Lincoln

Lincoln Exhibit Hall: The Exhibit Hall features a giant panorama projection story of Lincoln, displays of Lincoln artifacts, the complete Lincoln photo collection, and will have regularly scheduled Lincoln exhibits from all over the world. On the east side of the hall the visitor will stop at the Gettysburg Address Alcove which will contain the Illinois owned original manuscript of the Address, equipped with multi-language listening devices for the international audience.

Lincoln Theatre: "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln", a 10 minute production which dramatizes the personality and philosophy of the Prairie President will be presented by Walt Disney's WED Enterprises. This unique dramatization will use newly developed techniques of three dimensional animation, called, "Audio-Animatronics", in a life-like figure of Abraham Lincoln to recreate the words and thoughts of Illinois' famous son.

Illinois Exhibit Hall: The Illinois Exhibit Hall will have examples of Illinois leadership in the arts, sciences, commerce, education and recreation.

Historical Reference Library: The Library will contain important books and documents which will be available for use in the reading room.

Special Exhibit Courtyard: Specific displays will treat elements of the Illinois story that best exemplify the state's advantages.

Tourism Center: The Tourism Center gives a sampling of the vacation pleasures in Illinois. A restoration of the Rutledge Tavern of New Salem will be in full operation as it is at the State Park, showing life during Lincoln's early Illinois years.

Special Exhibit Garden Area: The visitor can view the Special Exhibits Garden at his leisure or rest on one of the many benches placed in the area.

Illinois "Land of Lincoln" Pavilion

Source: NY World's Fair Publication For Those Who Produced the New York World's Fair 1964-1965