Pamphlet: Visit Japan at the New York World's Fair


Hostesses and Unisphere Flag


World's Fair 1964-1965 combines three

spectacular buildings, sponsored by the

Japanese government and private enter-

prise. The pavilion area covers 87,000

square feet, and is one of the largest of

all international displays at the Fair.


Visit Japan Visit Japan
The First Exhibit building has been created to point out the great strides Japan has made over the last 100 years. In this relatively brief span, Japan has moved from a feudalistic society to one of the leading industrialized nations in the world. Over the past three years Japan has doubled her industrial output and now ranks among the top four nations of the world in total industrial production. The exhibit will show visitors her achievements in advance technology in many fields, among these will be space exploration rockets, high speed cameras, electron microscopes, automated ships, ultra-modern machinery and transport concepts.

the magnificent progress

of modern industry


the picturesque charm

of traditional culture

Flower arrangements will be demonstrated by expert Japanese teachers.
Flower Arranging

Electronic Travel Brain will compute every detail for a trip to any part of the world.
Travel Brain
The Second Exhibit building will contain an exciting variety of displays sponsored by more than 20 leading industrial firms representing private enterprise in present day Japan.
__In the second building you will find such spectacular exhibits as the Electronic Travel Brain, operating a large map which will light up any part of the world and give detailed information on how to get there. A miraculous electronic computer will give you the sensation of riding in a rocket to prepare you for the day when you can book a passage to the moon.
__Fascinating ultra-modern time-pieces will be shown, such as the water-proof stop watch to be used as the official time keeper for the Olympic Games.
__Among the many other exhibits in the second building will be a beautiful variety of textiles, both silk and rayon; the newest styles in Japanese sports cars; micro-TV sets and a highly imaginative glass display, in which even the stepping stones to a Japanese tea house are made of glass.
A model of the Nissho Maru, the world's largest tanker, (130,00 tons) will be among Japan's exhibits.
Nissho Maru

Tempting Japanese delicacies will be featured and charming Kimono-clad Japanese girls will serve the Fair visitor.
For Information

Please Call


11 West 42nd Street

New York, N.Y. 10036

Telephone: Area Code 212
OXford 5-0446-7, OXford 5-0778-9
The House of Japan may be entered through a lovely Japanese garden along a pathway of irregular stepping stones. This three-story building with open balconies and soaring roof lines will introduce you to the charm of Japanese traditions. You will find two picturesque restaurants in which you may order Japanese food delicacies. During the dinner hour you will be entertained by a colorful native stage show, employing some of Japan's best theatrical talent. You will find a Japanese beer garden on the roof and an American-type snack bar on one of the balconies.

Source: Brochure, Visit Japan at the New York World's Fair

Restaurant Facilities

THE HOUSE OF JAPAN will offer two

styles of typical Japanese restaurants to

the Fair visitor: One on the first floor

where guests will be served at tables;

another in authentic Japanese style on

the second floor where guests will be

seated on "tatami" (straw mats) and be

served at low tables. Floor shows on the

interior stage may be enjoyed by diners

on both levels.

Japanese Hostesses
and Waitresses

MORE THAN 120 charming young girls

will come from Japan to act as hostesses

and waitresses for the House of Japan.

These girls have been carefully selected

from the highest type backgrounds and

will add much to the charm of the pic-

turesque Japanese atmosphere prevail-

ing throughout the House of Japan

Special Programs

THE JAPAN PAVILION will sponsor a

number of special programs throughout

the duration of the Fair. Performances

of Japanese dancing, judo exhibitions,

fashion shows and other attractions are

scheduled for the outdoor stage between

the first two buildings. The House of

Japan will feature demonstrations in the

art of the tea ceremony, flower arrange-

ment and wood-block printing.

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