World's Fair Information Manual

Jaycopter Ride
Mr. Jack Dubasz and
Mr. Gene E. Ryan
Empire State Building
350 Fifth Avenue, (Suite 1535)
New York 1, New York
CH 4-6800
August 6, 1963
Block 57; Lot 13
Lake Amusement Area Area
18,000 sq. ft.

SOURCE: 1964 World's Fair Information Manual

The Jaycopter is an aerodynamic captive helicopter which simulates the action, controls and flight patterns of a conventional helicopter. It is designed to carry 16 adults in comfort and safety while maintaining the thrill of flying in a helicopter.

All doors are equipped with electric safety locks in addition to manual door locks. These electric locks prevent take-off until the doors are tightly closed. Once in flight, the doors cannot be opened. The Jaycopter is attached to a 77 foot boom mounted on a 25 foot metal tower, with the cabin end extending 50 feet from the fulcrum. The ride will rise 100 feet. In the event of an electrical power failure, a hydraulic safety device will lower the copter gently to the mounting base.
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