The Johnson Wax Pavilion

The Golden Rondelle Interior

Artist's Renderings of Displays and the VIP Lounge

SOURCE: S. C. Johnson archival photographs

SOURCE: Online Auction

SOURCE: Online Auction

Have a Shine on Us!

Graphics invites Fairgoers to have a shoe shine on Johnson's Wax! 



Artist's conception of the Johnson Wax Shoe Shine area.

Floorplan layout of Shoe Shine Area


Source: S. C. Johnson archival photographs

"To Be Alive!" Wins an Academy Award for "Best Documentary Short Subject" in 1966

Hammid & Thomas accept Oscar

This was the happy scene backstage shortly after the Academy Award presentations in 1966 when "To Be Alive!" won for best documentary short subject. From the left, Milton Berle and Phillis Diller who made the award; S. C. Johnson, President of the company, and Francis Thompson, producer, holding "Oscar."

Source: Golden Rondelle Theatre brochure, 1978

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